Little Rann of Kutch – A Short Trip

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Me and my friend planned one week trip to “Bhuj, Great Rann of Kutch and its surrounding areas”. We traveled from Delhi to Ahmedabad by air and from there we had late night train for Bhuj. We reached Ahmedabad at 8.30 AM. So, we had a full day free and we decided to explore “Little Rann of Kutch”.

It is approximately 100 km from Ahmedabad. We had booked a taxi from the airport for round trip to Dasada. Dasada has few resorts and it works as a base for Little Rann of Kutch. Before starting our journey we went to a small Gujarati shop for breakfast.

We left the city of Ahmedabad and moved towards Dasada. The condition of the road was very bad with lots of potholes, so we drove slowly. It is not a very popular place and very few people visit Dasada. Our driver never visited Dasada and didn’t know the exact route. He was curious and wondered why we are going to a village. Finally, he asked us, why we are going there. He said: ” I never took any tourist to that area”. He understood we are a tourist because we didn’t speak Gujarati.

We told him that we are going to see some animals in Little Rann of Kutch area. He was surprised and asked which animals? We told him “Wild Ass”.

And oh my God!!!!!  And he started giggling and looking at us as we are insane.

While asking for directions to locals, our driver explained to them that we are going to see “Wild ass”. I realized everyone started smiling after knowing the reason for our visit. It was an amusing reason for everyone. We reached Dasada by asking direction.

We looked around and went to a couple of resorts. Finally, we went to a resort which is closest to the Rann area. It is owned by a local royal family. We rested there for some time and had nice vegetarian lunch. The resort was made in traditional style and decorated with local handicrafts. There were no guests staying during our visit.

The resort organized our trip to Rann. We booked an open jeep with them to go to little Rann of Kutch. We started around late afternoon. After driving for 2-3 km, we came across few wild asses. They were moving in pairs and in groups. Some were walking and running across on the dry land.

We went few more km inside the Rann area and we saw flamingoes and pelicans. There were lots of birds in the water body but we can’t go beyond a point. It was marshland and dangerous if one get stuck in the mud. We watched birds from distance and it was a beautiful sight.

The Little Rann of Kutch is dry and there is practically no water. Only a few families live in this area with the permission of authorities. We visited one of such family of 3 people was living in Rann. They make salt from the soil and that is the only source of their income. Life is tough in that area with no vegetation and resources.

We have walked around on dry and cracked land for some time, watched the sunset before coming back to the resort.

We started our return journey to Ahmedabad to catch our late night train to Bhuj.

How to reach –
Little Rann of Kutch is 100 Km from Ahmedabad and can be reached by Taxi.

Best time to Visit –
In winter months from November to February.

Things to do –
The main attraction is wild asses.
Flamingoes and Pelicans migrate in marsh land during winter months. These birds can be seen in inner areas of Rann.
Sunset in the core area of Rann is a different experience.
Salt making process by local families. Here they make salt from the soil.

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