Adai Dosa from Kerala

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I don’t write about recipes though I love cooking but I have decided to write about some of the recipes, which I came across my travel and really liked but these are usually not available in restaurants. Here I am sharing a recipe, which is not so popular but full of nutrition.

I had a dish called “Adai”, it’s a kind of dosa or savory pancake. It is a protein rich dish with some carbohydrates, whole sum meal. I had this in one of the homestays in Cochin. I asked for the recipe but the lady who made this was not able to explain it due to the language barrier (She didn’t know English and I didn’t know Malayalam).
I looked for this in restaurants but could not find, so I explained one of my dear Mallu friend about it (Person who’s parents from Kerala) and got the recipe to make at ttheirhome. I make it for breakfast and it’s our family favorite now.

Toor Dal    : 1 Cup (Split Pigeon Peas)

Chana Dal : 1 Cup (Split Black Gram)

Rice           : 1 Cup (Can use any variant)

Curry leaves (4-5 stripes)

Red chilly (Dried whole) optional
Salt to taste

Asafoetida : One pinch
Onion        : 2 Large (Finely Diced)

Oil for roasting on skillet

Soak both Dal and rice in water after washing twice.

I soak it overnight because I make it for breakfast. It is sufficient to soak it for 3-4 Hours.
Put the soaked dal, rice in a blender alone with curry leaves (After removing stems), red chilly, asafoetida and salt.
Make paste of these thick consistency (Much more thicker then pancakes) from these ingredients.
Add finely cut / diced onions in to it (Use more onions, it tastes better)
Pour one spoon of oil on hot skillet, then pour the batter and spread in shape of pancake.
Pour little bit of oil on side of pancake and cover with lid for 1.5 minute, so that it can cook in its steam.
Remove the lid and pour oil on top of it , then turn the side of pancake and roast it till golden brown.
It is ready to eat.
Serve this crisp Adai with Onion chutney or coconut chutney or simple have with tomato ketchup.
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