Bridge crossing Solution on Betwa River

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I came across a bridge in Orchha which has no side railing/balustrade on sides. It consists of just a cement road. The width of the road was just enough for a bus/truck and with one-foot extra space. It was one of the fun experience and we developed our bridge crossing solution.

We crossed the road once in autorickshaw (Tuk-tuk) to go to the sanctuary and twice on foot to watch sunset/sunrise. After crossing the road couple of times, we got accustomed to standing on sides of the bridge while cars were passing by but truck or bus was totally different ball game as it required that we stand still on the edge of the bridge and driver of the bus /truck drive with precision.

One evening while we were standing in the middle of the bridge and trying to capture the sunset, there came a dumper truck. I and my friend were standing with some 6 foreign tourists + their local tourist guide.
The guide asked us to stand on the edge & indicated us with his arm the space we can use for standing, he asked us that we should not move. So we stood like statues for few seconds ignoring the passing truck, it passed us with barely 1 or 2 inches away from us. It was the best bridge crossing solution for that kind of bridge on Betwa River. It was one of the scariest and exciting experience for us, I can say adventure 😉
Bridge crossing solution 164
Next day morning to watch the sunrise, I again ventured to the middle of the bridge thinking that it is too early for heavy vehicle traffic but suddenly I saw a truck entering the road of the bridge. I was alone and didn’t have the courage to stand on the edge, so I ran for my life to the other end of bridge 😀

It was a different experience for me though some of the people think what is the big deal but someone like me, who travel simply and also have little bit phobia of height/depth. To be honest, I love to do this again for fun 🙂


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