One Night at Pangong Lake Ladakh

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I traveled from Leh and reached Pangong lake by late afternoon. I got mesmerized by the beauty of Pangong lake. It was very windy and the even sun was up, I could feel the chill in the air. As I came close to the lake, I could the ripples air was creating in the lake. There were some soldiers next to the lake and they were also clicking pictures 🙂 This place was my home for one night as stayed in Pangong lake Ladakh camps.

Pangong Lake 25Pangong Lake 32Pangong Lake 21Pangong Lake 15Pangong Lake 19Pangong Lake 34Pangong Lake 58

My camp was next to the lake but on higher ground, people from camp came and took our luggage. They had given me the tent, which was second on edge and I could see the lake from its opening. The tent has attached bathroom and to fight cold they had put two quilts on bed & floor was carpeted. After having some hot tea, I walked towards the lake.
The sunlight was golden and the lake was changing the color from green to blue, my driver told that Pangong changes it’s color 7 times in a day according to the position of the sun.
I could not see the sunset as it gone behind a high mountain much before the sunset time. I sat outside the tent for some time but it was getting colder and windy, so I decided to take rest for a while. There was one small bulb inside the tent for lighting, there was no electricity connection. To provide light, they used the generator but till 10.00 PM only.
The camp people came calling us at 7.30 PM for dinner. The food was very good, they had rice, roti, 3 veg, 1 nonveg dish with one rice pudding. I don’t know why but in the dinning tent, I started feeling very breathless & uneasy. I was nervous as I was traveling alone and thinking in case if I get unwell in this kind of place then what will happen. I could not eat anything due to breathlessness. I went outside dining tent and sat in open for some time taking deep breaths, after 15 minutes I started feeling better. Seeing me better, camp people also got relaxed because if someone gets unwell then it will be an issue for them. My appetite was lost but I decide to eat something to keep my energy levels high, so had some rice pudding.

There was no point in being out as it was very cold and windy, so retired for the day. In the middle of night, I woke up due to some strange noise in my tent. I couldn’t make out what it is so got a bit scared as there was no light at that time. I took out my torch and started searching, suddenly I saw two very small rats running. Actually, they attacked my food packet, in which I had kept some dry fruits and other eatables. I picked the packet and placed at a high place. After that, no strange noise 😀 But tent was shaking very much due to high-speed wind at night but they had fixed it with several ropes and because of this it was standing strongly.

I woke up early morning as didn’t want to miss the sunrise behind hills and lake. It was dark so, I waited outside my tent for some time. As it was breaking dawn, I moved closer to the lake for a better view.

Pangong Lake 14Pangong Lake 57Pangong Lake 56Pangong Lake 15

After sunrise, I had too fetch half a bucket of hot water for bath. Breakfast was Parathas and bread with jam & butter with tea & milk. I was feeling very hungry as didn’t had dinner. After breakfast, I enjoyed sitting at a nice place to enjoy the beauty of the place in solitude. Around mid-morning, we moved further along the Pangong lake towards China side. It was more beautiful there. I spent there some time and then started our journey back.
Pangong Lake 59Pangong Lake 46Pangong Lake 4745Pangong Lake 44Pangong Lake 43Pangong Lake 42Pangong Lake 36Pangong Lake 37Pangong Lake 38Pangong Lake 394135Pangong Lake 31After driving for 40 minutes, suddenly we seen heavy water flow on the road. My driver informed that this happens when it gets warm and glacier start melting. Sometimes due to sudden heavy water flow road disappear and trench become across the road. In that case all traffic stops. But I was fortunate because, our driver crossed the water without trouble.4953
Rest of the journey till Leh was uneventful through beautiful terrain.

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17 thoughts on “One Night at Pangong Lake Ladakh”

  1. I never camped in my life. Besides the lake would be even more thrilling. Lovely experience for you of the Sunrise!

    I would suggest adding original size pictures, that would be more pleasing.

  2. You were lucky to get a clear sky at Pangong Sapna. While we went it was windy and the sky wasn’t that clear. Loved all the pictures.

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  4. I have to be honest, I had never heard of this place before, but I am really glad I came across your post. You know how sometimes a place speaks to you in a very specific way and you can’t really explain why or how? That’s the feeling I get here. The light looks so golden in your photos, it’s beautiful. Was this part of a bigger trip for you? Did you find the place easy to access? Cheers, Maria

    1. I totally agree with you, it is a place which speaks to you and attracts you. Same happened with me when I first time seen the pics. The place is barren but that is the beauty of it.
      Yes, it was part of mine bigger trip. Actually this place is so beautiful and I felt that I could not do justice to it in one post so I posted in parts.
      This is the link of my itinerary
      In this link, I have given the access details and also added links of other places I had seen during the complete trip.
      Hope you will get all information. In case you need more information, please let me know. I will be happy to help you.

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