Orchha sightseeing- Other then it’s monuments

Orchha sightseeing- Other then it’s monuments

Orchha is a small town but,due to its fort, Cenotaphs, and temple tourists visit it. There are many popular places to see in Orchha but this post is about undiscriptive places in Orchha sightseeing tour.
There are many hotels of the different budget for all kind of travelers. Food options are plenty but honestly, it was hard to find a place where I can have a good meal except for breakfast when we had freshly made stuffed parathas.
The people of Orchha are really good and polite, not like other touristy places.

The center of Orchha is Ram Raja temple and chaturbhuj temple, everything is built around it. There are lots of small shops and stalls around the temple. The main source of employment is a religious tourist & historical tourists and farming. Other than this I could not figure out anything else.

All the activity happens around the temple and I tried to capture some of these to share with you all. I am not going to write more on this subject as below pictures are self-explanatory to give a glimpse of “Orchha other then it’s monuments”.

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    • These pictures were clicked in the market around Ramraja temple and Chaturbhuj temple. Small sweet shops, souvenir shops or of the people selling fruits/vegetable or general household items in the streets.

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