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Orchha sightseeing – Other than it’s monuments

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Orchha is a small town with a beautiful fort, temples, and Cenotaphs. Most of the people come to Orchha to see these places. The temple of Ramaraja is one of the most popular places among religious travelers. These are some of the popular places to see in Orchha but this post is about descriptive places one should include in Orchha sightseeing tour.

This small town of Madhya Pradesh is otherwise a sleepy town and not a busy destination. This is an offbeat destination in India and still have old world charm. Infect during my travels, I have come more foreign travelers than Indian travelers. We went to the local market for some souvenir shopping and the shopkeeper told us that few Indian tourists come to Orchha. There is something for every traveler in Orchha but it’s one of my favorite place for laid back holidays.

Like most of the travelers, we also visited monuments but as we had a lot of free time so we explored other places during our Orchha sightseeing trip. We stayed closer to the market area from where most of the monuments were walking at distance.

Local market to include in Orchha Sightseeing

The local market has several small shops and stalls selling local items. It is like any other small town local market in India. People of Orchha are nice and polite, not like other popular touristy places.

There are many small hotels and big resorts for different budget. Food options are plenty but it was hard to find a place where I can have a great meal. Except for freshly made stuffed parathas for breakfast in the local market.

Ram Raja temple and Chaturbhuj temple are the centers of Orchha town and everything is built around it. There are lots of small shops and stalls around the temple.

The main source of income for locals is religious & historical tourists and farming. Other than this I could not figure out anything else. There were lots of women sellers in the market and they put up their stalls in small clusters.

All the activity happens around the temple and market areas. I tried to capture some of these.

These photographs give a glimpse of what Orchha town is all about.

Orchha markets in pictures

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    1. These pictures were clicked in the market around Ramraja temple and Chaturbhuj temple. Small sweet shops, souvenir shops or of the people selling fruits/vegetable or general household items in the streets.

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