Bara Pani on the way to Shillong

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When I went to the northeast, I planned 2 nights stay in Shillong. It is connected to Guwahati with National highway 40 and by road is the best way to travel from Guwahati to Shillong. I have hired a taxi from Guwahati for the entire trip. We started our journey in the morning to avoid the traffic of Guwahati. On the way, we stopped at a non-descriptive place for breakfast. There is nothing to write about the food we had but yes it was fresh and filling.

After fueling our stomach, we again started our journey.

On the way, we saw pineapple farms. There was a lady selling pineapple on the road, she peeled and washed it so that we can eat it. She put some salt & red chili powder on it, then packed it in a fresh polyethylene. It was the tastiest and juicy pineapple, I had in my life. I finished full pineapple in 30 minutes.

After driving for a little more than 2 hours, we reached Bada Pani (Umiam Lake).

This is a man-made lake and we started to see a glimpse of it before we could actually stop at a point, where we can roam around it. It is a treat for the eyes. We decided to stop at the garden area from the view of the lake is best and also we can roam around it & enjoy the beauty of the lake.

The weather was a bit cloudy and the sun was coming out & hiding in clouds. Our driver parked the car in the parking area and we went inside. There was a lot of open area and grounds with lots of trees all around. There were people in groups cooking food for picnic lunch and enjoying themselves.

There were not too many people, maybe because it was the middle of the week. We roamed around, entered in water (It was very cold) and then tried our hand at the small boat. The big boats were not operating and when we enquired, they asked for exorbitant rate and we dropped the idea to ride in the motorboat. There were swings, saw/saw but no kids to play and since there were not many people so we enjoyed ourselves on these… 😀 😀

The water of lake lapped on its shores like a small tide. The cool breeze was caressing our face and we enjoyed the natural beauty around this lake in the midst of nowhere.

After roaming around we got hungry. There was only one small stall open and he had hardly anything to eat. So, we ordered my all-time favorite Maggi.

After enjoying our Maggi, we started for Shillong also fondly called, ‘Scotland of the East’. It was around 15 km from the lake and it took us half an hour to reach Shillong. There are Pine trees on the way and which were swaying with a breeze to give us feeling that we are about to reach some cold hill station.

The northeast region of India is beautiful and there are so many interesting places to visit. Check out more about the northeast of India.

When we returned from Shillong to Guwahati, we decided to again stop here. So this time we went to the hotel and restaurant on the banks of Lake. They have rooms and cottages there. We had lunch in the restaurant facing the lake and went to the grounds with pine trees next to the lake.

Finally, we proceeded to Guwahati.

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