A day in Magnificent Mehrangarh Fort

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It was my second visit to Jodhpur, first time I went with my friend more than a decade ago and this time I went alone. I booked an old haveli near Mehrangarh Fort.
I booked an overnight train for Jodhpur from Delhi and reached there in morning. I had booked a Haveli in the old part of the city and I took a tuk-tuk from the railway station. He took me to through winding narrow lanes and I finally arrive at my place of stay.
I reached early but got a room as it was vacant. After quick freshen up and I had my breakfast & was ready to explore.I had checked the location before booking and noted that the Mehrangarh Fort is only two hundred meters from the haveli. So, I decided to walk and asked the way to reach the fort. They explained the way and I walked for 7-8 minutes in a narrow lane of the residential area to reach the other gate of fort known as Chand Pole.

The gate is grand but there was no tourist entering from this side because the access road is very narrow on this side and cars can’t enter in lanes. I entered the gate and kept walking, crossed another inside gate.

After walking for few hundred meters, I came reached ticket counter and bought an entry ticket, camera ticket and lift ticket. I decided to use the lift for going up and coming down walking because this way I can save the energy by avoiding steep climb to the top of the fort and also save some time. There was a queue in front of the lift and it took me approx 12 minutes to final board it. I was on top within a minute.

The view from the top is amazing, I can see the city below or at some distance Jaswant Thada and on opposite side across city Umed Bhavan palace’s outline was also visible. As usual, like most of the places, the view at the top is mesmerizing.

The museum is at the top and they have a good collection of paintings, costumes, textiles, arms, decorative art, palanquins and other items from the glorious past of Jodhpur.

As you see different areas of the fort, you will realize that it has a various different style of architecture at different places. It is because the different places and places in the fort were built over a period of 500 years.

There are 4-period rooms in the palace.
Moti Mahal is the largest period room of the Mehrangarh Museum.
Sheesh, Mahal of the Mehrangarh Fort is a typical example of a Rajput Sheesh Mahal. It has beautiful mirror-work.
Maharaja Abhaya Singh built the Phool Mahal. It is one of the grandest Mehrangarh Fort period rooms. It is believed that the Phool Mahal was a private and exclusive chamber of pleasure. Dancing girls are believed to perform here for the pleasure of the Maharajas. The gold for the Mahal came from Ahmedabad in Gujarat.
The royal ladies watched the official proceedings, going on in the courtyard, from the Jhanki Mahal.

After seeing different galleries and period rooms etc, I came out in open area of the fort. The work done on jharokhas is intricate and beautiful, so these give courtyard a different dimension and royal look.
The walls of the fort were made very high for the security of the fort. These give a grand feel to this huge fort.

The Mehrangarh Fort stands on a 125 meter a perpendicular cliff and can be seen from far. It was built around 1460 by Rao Jodha above the city and is enclosed by imposing thick walls. A winding road leads to and from the city below. To the left of the fort is the chhatri of Kirat Singh Soda, a soldier who fell on the spot defending the Mehrangarh fort.

The fort is grand and imposing, it took me half a day to explore the fort.
mehrangarh fort at night 1

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