Majnu ka Tila – Little Tibet in Delhi

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I had read a lot about this place and food available here in last 3-4 years but never got a chance to go through planned few times.

Sometimes we go too far off places but didn’t go to new places in your own city. I finally went a year back for the first time to Majnu ka Tila. It was convenient to go, I took the metro and got down at Vishwavidhyala station (Vidhansabah is also close to the station). From here, I took e-rickshaw and reached the gate of Tibetan settlement. It was established in 1960 after Tibetan uprising in 1959 when Dalai Lama too went into exile in Dharamshala. These days it is mainly the Tibetan refugees second generation, who resides here.

The lanes are narrow. There are shops selling garments & shoes, curio shops, travel agencies, restaurants, cafes and house on both sides. Though lanes are narrow but very clean. The place has a very laid back and peaceful feeling.

It is a good place for shopping. Initially, the lane is narrow with practically no sunlight then it opens and there is a small Buddhist temple with some open space in front of it where people were sitting doing chit chat. It is kind of community space for everyone.

When I moved further into the lane there were more shops and finally, it opened in a sunny space with restaurants, shops or small hotels on my right side, on the left side there were stalls selling different things from clothes to food to few home items.

There are many restaurants in this area serving Tibetan and few another kind of foods but my favorite is Tibetan cuisine. The food is fresh and serving is good. I had tried quite a few things in my last few visits but the list of things I have to try is long.

This is one of those places in Delhi, where you don’t get the feel of Delhi and this is the thing I like about it.

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  1. 2travellingsisters

    This place looks completely different from rest of the Delhi! A true hidden gem for a tourist, thank you for sharing…:)

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