Music in Mehrangarh Fort – Jodhpur

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This guy was sitting with family after the second gate of Mehrangarh fort and playing his Thori or Nayak Bhopas. His elder son, who is probably 4 years old was giving him company and playing a small drum (Dhol). Wife was sitting quietly and didn’t reply to anything I asked 🙂 She was taking care of toddler sleeping on the rug beside her. The family sits there whole day playing the instruments and surviving on money tourist give them.

mehrangarh fort 9
In Mehrangarh fort, you will see few other families or individuals sitting on the way when you climb to the top of the fort. All of them start playing and singing when they see people approaching or crossing them.
In some places the sound echoes and gives grand effect to the basic/simple music.

This kind of music playing at many places, I had come across in Mehrangarh fort only.

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