Orchha Cenotaphs – Picture Perfect

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As I wrote earlier that we reached Orchha in the morning as we came by overnight train from Delhi. The first day we explored the fort, Jahangir Palace, and river at the slow pace. Orchha cenotaphs we had seen from across the river during sunset.

On the second day, we decided to visit Chhatris, which we had seen from across the river during sunset. When we reached the area and noticed there was no one except the gate keeper. He also looked surprised. He asked us for our ticket, which we bought for fort complex. We showed him our ticket and he realized it was from yesterday. We asked him that no problem, we will buy another ticket please tell us where is the ticket counter. He told us there is no ticket counter here and we have to buy tickets from the fort, which was some 2 km from Chhatris. Usually a combined ticket for all monuments. I guess authorities believe that people will finish all site seeing in one day. Anyways it didn’t make sense to go to the fort and buy tickets, so we offered him the cost of tickets. Then he allowed us inside.

There were some Chhatris, which were closed for people but one premise with few chhatris was open and it was very well maintained. The garden area was clean and green, even rest of the compound was very clean.

These were made in the memory of the Bundela kings and the members of their dynasty. These are located near Kanchan Ghat on banks of River Betwa. These cenotaphs have been built on the spot where royals were cremated. These are most popular because of its beautiful architecture and design. I have noticed that there is a slight variation in the design of each cenotaph when we noticed carefully. Orchha cenotaphs are the triple story but authorities had closed the upper stories.

The guard had told us that there are some endangered species of Vultur. Later on when we were roaming around, we had seen some nest and vultures in upper parts of Chhatris. Thankfully they are protected there and now increasing in number.

As we had lot of time in hand so we roamed around inside all cenotaphs and sat on the steps to gossip. People were coming and going in pairs or groups, they were mostly spending 15-20 minutes in premises. We enjoyed the peace and crisp sun of winters discussing different things of life. It was a well spent morning doing nothing 🙂

The orchha cenotaphs provide a beautiful view from across the bridge on River Betwa, specially during sunset and sunrise time. The reflection of these in river gives another dimension to these monuments.

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43 thoughts on “Orchha Cenotaphs – Picture Perfect”

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  3. I love the photos, the cenotaphs really are picture perfect! Such a great idea to really slow down and relax and enjoy the time there, sometimes we are so rushed that we go, take photos, and leave. I would much rather spend the time appreciating where I am!

    1. Delhi to jhansi is 380 km and from jhansi to Orchha is 14 km.
      Yes, overnight train was best for us because it saved travel time. There are day trains also, which usually takes 6-7 hours.
      By air is not a good option because nearest airport of gwalior is 100 km.

    1. It’s a beautiful place, not touristy.
      People were coming, clicking pictures and going but we spend some time there that’s how we have no one in pics 🙂

  4. Love the sunset pictures. I missed going here went I went to Delhi a few years ago. So, great job bartering with the gate keep to get in.

  5. India becomes more and more enticing to me as I learn about it! I have to say “picture perfect” almost does this an injustice! Your photos are GORGEOUS and the reflections in the river at sunset are just to die for. Bucket listed!!!

  6. This looks total fun! I have been waiting to visit place like since long! it looks more cool from your camera lens! Thanks for sharing this amazing piece! loved reading this! Cheers!

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