Onam Sadhya from Kerala – Food and Culture

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Onam is one of that festival, which is associated with the state of Kerala. The beauty of the festival is that it is celebrated in all caste, communities, and religions of Kerala. I guess it is unique due to this and attracts me due to this & it’s association with food…. Spread of food (Onam Sadhya) 🙂

The display of the floral rangoli is also a part of this festival.


I keep the track of Onam because I love to eat Sadhya. This year Onam is on 13th  September and yesterday I read that 10 days celebrations started, it means the countdown to sadhya. I am going to Kerala house from last 3 years but this time I want to find some other place, not a refined restaurant but somethings which serve closer to original feast.

There is always a long queue to buy token/ticket and waiting can be easily from 15 to 30 minutes depending upon at what time you go. The environment is charged. I guess around 200 people eat in one go. The whole set up is in big covered pandals with fans for cooling.
Serving is fast, they promptly give banana leaf and start serving Banana chips, Jaggery Chips, couple of dry snacks (Can’t name), 4-5 types of achar & chutneys, banana fruit, Sambar, Aviyal, Olan prepared with pumpkin, yam vegetable, thoran, beans vegetable with coconut flavoured with coconut, Pappadam, rice and two types of Payasams for dessert. (I may have messed with named of dishes :-p ) You can eat unlimited amount and it is light & easy to digest.

I am waiting to eat Ona-sadhya….. Slurrrp…..

P.S. If someone can suggest some good places in Delhi. Please do so…..

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