Few Festivals of India :-)

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Our festivals are so much related to the special type of foods, we make or eat from outside. In short, I am writing down whatever comes to my mind right now when I am thinking about festivals. (I keep on adding later also, whenever I remember what I am missing here)

I don’t do any religious ceremonies but do follow everything related to food on that particular day 😀

 Lohri: Making bonfire and sitting around it, having mugfali (Peanut) + rewari +  gajak(Peanut chikki) + sarso ka saag (mustard leaf roughly pureed and tempered with onion, garlic and tomato masala) with makki ki roti (Corn flour’s roti bread) + sweet rice made with jaggery & dry fruits, when I was kid my mom use to make sweet rice with the sugarcane juice (It’s a time-consuming process) but nowadays it’s not easy to get it so, we do with jaggery. How I can forget Lohri money 😉 (Though don’t get now as we are grown up 🙁 )

26th January: I still enjoy watching Republic day parade (May sound funny but I enjoy) and having aloo ka parantha (Potato paratha) with butter & curd. Who won’t enjoy hot paratha with butter in north India’s winter?

Basant Panchami: Means wear yellow ( Well I skip this 😀 ) but still enjoy having sweet yellow rice or yellow.Holi: Having fun with family and cousins, playing with colors (as a token) and having gujjia, kachori, puri sabzi (Everything unhealthy if one can say) and enjoy the spring sun with black carrot Kanji (Processed cut carrots with water and spices & brown mustard seeds)

Rakhi : I still enjoy choosing rakhi for my brothers (From same mother and cousins 🙂 ) from hundreds of designs available in the market though criteria & size of rakhi changed in last few years and selecting some gifts. Special food for this occasion; well nothing special, just dal rice pulao or some puri with potato or veg gravy and sweet vermicelli….. and lots of sweeeeeets.

Eid: Means going to Chandani chowk during Ramzan and having some good kababs, mutton curry, biryani and rice pudding or shahi tukdaOnam : It entered my list from last few years like Eid, especially due to the Ona-sadhya I can eat on this day.Navratrats: Means restriction to have nonveg at home because of the fasting period. End of Navratri means feast of halwa,  puri and black chanas/ black chickpeas.Dusshara: Nothing much, just some jalebi and samosa’s feast before dinner (most of the time we skip dinner). Also a reminder that now it is high time to start cleaning for Diwali.

Diwali: Grand Indian Diwali, means get into action and clean the home. Oh….cleaning…. :-O
I love lighting diyas, making rangoli with help of molds and flower decoration, it’s total fun. These days the electric lighting has taken place of traditional divas. How I miss Diwali from my childhood. Diwali food can be anything rich in flavors and tendency.
But next day of Diwali is Govardhan pooja and it’s a feast of the unorthodox menu of kadi (Made with buttermilk & Gram flour), rice, rice pudding and mixed seasonal vegetable made with a minimum of 7 veggies excluding onion & garlic.

Christmas: Means end of the year. I wait for the yummy plum/rum cake, which one of my friends gifts me.

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