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Mesmerizing Jaswant Thada – Taj of Marwar

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I was on the top of Mehrangarh Fort and noticed a beautiful white color structure on the north side of Fort. From its silhouette, I understood it is Jaswant Thada also known as Taj of Marwar. The white color marble structure stands out and highlights to the surrounding reddish-brown rocky hills at the back of it when you see from far.

By the time I finished with Mehrangarh Fort, it was already afternoon and sun was at the top. So, I decided that I will go to Thada in the morning because white marble shines too much when the sun is at its peak. Next morning I started by 8.30 and started walking towards Fort as I was staying close to the backside of the fort in the old part of the city.

I crossed the main gate of Fort and started walking towards Jaswant Thada but soon I realized that though it looks close but it’s actually far in reality because the access road is winding. After crossing the small lake on the right side of the road, I came across a group of autorickshaw (Tuk-tuk) and they were ferrying people for 20 Rs on sharing basis and if you hire all for yourself then cost is double for dropping. I took one and reached there in 5 minutes.

I bought entry ticket and camera ticket. On the left side are hills & there is a wall also visible on top of it and between Jaswant Thada & hills there is a small lake which adds to the beauty of this place.

The outer boundary is in reddish rust color stone but as you walk down and climb the stairs you will come across a white color structure, it is the first cenotaph. There was a person sitting in the front of it with harmonium and singing the folk songs. As I moved little further, I got mesmerized by the sheer intricate beauty of the place.

I climbed some more stairs and reached the main memorial, which has been built like a temple. It was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur State in 1899 in memory of his father, Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, and till dates serves as the cremation ground for the royal family of Marwar. There is intricate work done on the main memorial and 4 cenotaphs around it (One near the entry and 3 others at the far end).

The beautiful marble jali work adds to the beauty of this place and makes it one of its own kind. It is s built out of intricately carved sheets of marble and the intricate motifs are chiseled to perfection and it shines in sun.
The manicured lawns surrounding it add depth to it. It is an amalgam of Mughal and Hindu structural design.

Inside the main structure, there are photographs/paintings of Maharajas of Marwar and lamps are lightened inside to pay the respect to departed Maharajas.

The view from the terrace is also nice.

There are some more structure adjacent to the boundary, this is the cremation area for the noble people.

Jaswant Thada is one of the most beautiful and very well maintained structures in the whole Marwar area.

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