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History and Nature of Bhangarh, Sariska, Alwar

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This was one of the short and sweet trips with my friends. We have decided to visist History and Nature of Bhangarh, Sariska, Alwar as no air or train tickets required. We planned our trip at very last minute in the month of December. Which is an ideal time to visit anywhere in Rajasthan. We hired a cab for the entire trip and it was convenient.
In Sariska Tiger Reserve, they allow people to go in there car but we opted for open jeep safari because if one is in the jungle then a car is not the right choice to enjoy the nature and feel of the jungle. Again, as usual, we could not spot tiger 🙁
The highlight of the tour was nature of Sariska / Alwar and history of Bhangarh / Sariska / Tijara.
Below is the day wise itinerary and this is how the places looks : -) Bhangarh – India’s most haunted place with Alwar
Day 1
Departure from Delhi to Alwar by car at 06.00 AM
Had early breakfast near Manesar (because there are not many options afterward)
Siliserh Lake and its surroundings
Boating & snacks at RTDC resort at Lake
Check in in hotel near Sariska Tiger Reserve

Book evening safari and also visit temple/fort in Sariska Tiger Reserve

Overnight in Sariska

Day 2
Sunrise near the jungle. We picked up some wild berries also 🙂
Visit Sariska Palace after breakfast (One can stay in Sariska Palace also, though we didn’t stay there)
Drive to Bhangarh-Ajabgarh, India’s most haunted place.
We had lunch at roadside village shop (Not even Dhaba). I recommend that one should carry picnic lunch because there are practically no decent eating places.
Drive to Alwar. We stayed in Hill fort Kesroli and they had a cultural program in the evening so, we spend our evening there.

Overnight in Hill fort Kesroli

Day 3
Sunrise from the top of the fort, the sun rises in fields. Also, you can see the village life from the top of the fort as houses are nest to fort wall.
Drive to Tijara Jain temple (It was some special occasion so, we have seen the procession on road.

Lunch at Tijara Fort Palace. It is situated on top of hill and view of surrounding was lovely.
Drive back to Delhi.

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    1. Jain temple is basic and simple but seems to be important place in terms of faith. No where near Ranakpur or Dilwara.
      I clicked few pics because there were some Digambar Sadhu’s and I didn’t want to offend anyone. Will try to find some pictures, I clicked.

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