Annoying Habits of Fellow Travelers

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I had traveled solo, with family, with friends, and in groups also. There are many advantages when I traveled with others but at the same time, I have to deal with some irritating and annoying habits of fellow travelers. We all come across different annoying habits and we adjust.

Over the years, I traveled with different people and dealt with different habits. Sometimes I told my fellow traveler what I didn’t like but on other occasions, I kept quiet and felt irritated. Recently I traveled with some unknown people in a group and came across some silly and irritating habits.
So I decided to write about these irritating habits just for the fun.

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Here is my list of annoying habits of travelers

Running to check in first or grabbing the seat of their choice in car or coach. These people don’t wait for others and are not bothered if their travel companion is left behind.

They enter the room fast and grab the favorite side of the bed and spread their luggage in the room to occupy the space.

Always running late, they get up late, then move slowly, and ultimately start the day late. Which ultimately delays others.

Not flexible when it comes to sightseeing. If they had read that a place can be explored in a specific way, they try to do it by book and don’t explore & go with local advice.

Leaving the bathroom in mess, I don’t need to go in detail 😉

I remember, one of my friend use to watch TV until midnight and the noise used to create the problem in my sleeping. At times when I remove eye pad to talk to her, I found her in deep sleep.  So, I have to fetch remote and switch off TV and lights.

“Touch and Go” travelers. They have to visit all the places mentioned in the sightseeing guide, even if they are not able to explore and see a place. These people are running to cover all the places and try to add to many places in one day.

They are not enthusiastic to explore places and interested in photo ops. Their main purpose is to enter a place, click some selfies or ask others to click their pics with the place and they are done. They are photo ops people.

Perfect picture clickers are always looking to click a perfect picture of themselves with the monuments or where ever they go. They take few minutes to check their face, hair, and clothes. The pictures should be perfect in terms of looks and background. They want the picture with every pillar and post.

Keep the suitcase clean kind of people. They wash and spread the laundry everywhere in the room.

Always cribbing and very snobby about food and they don’t want to try local food. Always looking and searching for home food.

Always ordering from room service. Their favorite dinner place is the bedroom, they order food from room service and then I have to sleep in the room with food odor.

Twice I traveled with a person, who use to carry a lot of eatable from home. When we use to go sightseeing, she uses to stuff her bag with different eatables and eat in the cab. (Use to ask me for formality sake) Whenever I ask for the lunch break, she was…. Ohhh…. you go ahead, I am not hungry.

They set the room temperature as per their comfort and not bothered if you feel cold or hot due to this adjustment.Read more about my wonderful trip with family & friends to my favorite city Amritsar

Recently, I came across this type. We were standing outside a monument and this girl was ready to go inside, then someone said the entry ticket is for “XYZ” amount and she was “Ohhh…. I am very tired and not interested in going”. LOL…. And then she asked the group to click some pictures of her in front of the monument.

In some places the camera ticket is high, so these people don’t buy camera ticket and when you are inside the monuments they ask you to click their pics first.

Snoring….. Ha ha….. No, I am not adding this to list.

I am sure there are some habit’s of mine, which might be annoying for the people I had traveled but I don’t know what are those.

I am sure you can relate to some of these and may have your own list of annoying habits, please feel free to add in comments the annoying habits of fellow travelers.

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29 thoughts on “Annoying Habits of Fellow Travelers”

  1. Wow, u covered almost all the habits very well. I get super irritated by people who hate to try the local flavours and throw a lot of tantrums. They should just book a solo trip then and stay in a five star hotel!

    1. Ha ha…. Or stay at home or carry packed food.
      Traveling is all about experiencing local flavours be it lifestyle or food or any other thing.

  2. Presented very nicely, while traveling in group we should be careful about fellow travelers and too much self-centered activities or taking facilities/advantages first or from fellow ones are specially not expected from the elder ones.

  3. 2travellingsisters

    Ha ha! We totally agree with you Sapna on all your points! It really upsets us when our fellow travelers does not consider others opinions and wish to do what they like! And visiting places just to click pictures, its better such people photoshop their photos to these monuments! 😉

    1. 🙂 That’s another good option but still, you have to handle some of the problems if traveling in a group.

  4. BrianTheAfricanNomad

    Its all about understanding and letting them know when they get to your nerves … We are all from different upbringing …but travelling as a group has its pros and con’s

  5. Definitely some relatable points here. But people cancel each other out, everyone has their flaws. That’s why I find it’s always good to give space even when traveling in groups… Not that I travel in groups though 😛

  6. I cannot stand if a person did not take bath after outing and then share same bed with me. I usually travel with my hubby most of the time.

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