Places to visit in Udaipur – The City of Lakes

Places to visit in Udaipur – The City of Lakes

We reached Udaipur by bus from Chittorgarh and hired an auto for our hotel from the bus stop. Our hotel was already booked online. I stayed in the same hotel during my last trip, it was in the market area and walking distance from most of the attractions. It is an old haveli converted into the hotel.
Here are some of my favorite places to visit in Udaipur. After check in, we decided to go to Jagdish Temple. It was only 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel.
After visiting the temple, we went to City Palace. It is most significant place in Udaipur city. We bought entry tickets for palace complex. There are separate entry tickets for complex and Palace. We bought entry ticket and camera tickets for city palace. The camera ticket for city palace is most expensive in Rajasthan. Keep entry and camera ticket handy because they palace security guards check these twice or thrice.
We entered and climbed to the different levels of the palace. Every floor is different in terms of decoration but predominantly it’s mirror work or glass work in different colors. We reached upper floor of the palace and sat there on benches for some time. From the windows & Jharoka’s of the top floor of the palace, we saw the beautiful view of Udaipur city and lake. The courtyard of the palace is also used for wedding and others functions, it is available for anyone ready to pay the price. After spending more than 2 hours inside the palace, we came out. There is a cafe inside city palace complex and we had some snacks there.

City palace inside

From the palace, we came out and decided to go to Jag Mandir. The ticket counter for the boat is inside the palace complex. The boat takes a loop around Taj Pichola to reach Jag Mandir. The Jag Mandir complex is maintained and decorated well. There is a restaurant in Jag Mandir, we had some refreshments here and enjoyed the atmosphere. They have also had some rooms in the same complex. Jag Mandir is beautiful in terms of location and architect. They offer an evening boat trip with dinner package, which should be booked in advance.

By the time we finished from Jag Mandir it was already late afternoon. We came back to our hotel and refreshed. We had already decided to spend our evening at the top of the hill of Karni Mata rope. Gondola was shaky but we had no issue riding it. Some people walk up to the hill to pay respect at the temple. There were lots of people on top and the atmosphere was energetic. It was windy and pleasant on top. There is a small temple, where people pay respect to goddess but I noticed that most people were there to enjoy the view and sun set. We explored the area and finally sat down to enjoy the sunset behind the hills of Lake Pichola.

After sunset, it got really crowded at Gondola because everyone wanted to go down as fast as possible. There was a long queue and we took our coupon & waited for our turn. There is a small tea and snacks counter next to boarding point and I decided to have ice cream while waiting for our turn. When we were coming down, I noticed that city was looked different with evening lights.

overview of Udaipur
We got an auto from the road and reached the market to do some souvenir shopping. It was already 8.00 PM and we were tired walking around all day. So we decided to have dinner in hotel’s rooftop restaurant.
There is an evening dance program called Dharohar dance shows take place at Bagore ki Haveli at 7.00 PM. They perform folk dance and music. It is surely a good show for the one-time watching if you have an evening free like we had. (I saw this program last time so, given a miss during this trip)

Bangore ki haveli

Next day we started little late and went to saheliyo ki badi and Monsoon palace.
The ride to Monsoon palace was through reserve forest area. The view from the top of Monsoon palace is beautiful, we saw the whole Udaipur city. On another side of the palace, we saw the hills. Be careful of the monkeys in Monsoon Palace, they were aggressive and ready to attack people. Fortunately, the guards came with long bamboo sticks and shooed them away.
During the day we had lunch at Natraj thali, they serve fresh and whole-sum veg food. The thali was unlimited and service was fast. It is a must eat place for me in Udaipur.
Natraj Thali

It is recommended to watch the sunset from Monsoon palace but we didn’t stay till sunset because we have decided to go for light and sound show at city palace, which starts at 7.30 PM. (Moreover, I had seen the sunset from Monsoon palace last time πŸ˜‰ )
The light and sound show in city palace was ok, nothing very spectacular about it. Just go for it if you have a free evening or like watching all kind of L & S shows.
We had dinner at a cafe near our hotel. It was a nice place. Afterward, we went to Gangaur ghat but it was very secluded at that time so, we came back considering our security reasons.

Next day we went to Kumbhalgarh.


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    1. It’s city with lakes, palaces and forts. There are hotels converted from palace then there is a beautiful hotel inside the lake Pichola. Interestingly most of the buildings in Udaipur are in white colour and that’s why it’s also called as white city.

  1. I was writing a post about a Rajasthan itinerary just yesterday, I would have loved to have your article as reference πŸ˜€ Is too late for that but my compliments for the beautiful pictures!

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      You can use as reference, I am happy if it will help you. I am also writing a post about Jaipur and hope to finish it by tomorrow.

  2. Wow! There’s really so much to see!! Great tips in here…from the camera tickets to the agressive monkeys! Oh my! Your photos are fantastic and I would absolutely add this to my itinerary!

  3. Love your beautiful photos! This looks like such a beautiful and epic place to visit. I’d love to take a few months and explore India slow-travel style, and Udaipur is definitely on my list.

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