Palate Fest Delhi 2017

Palate Fest Delhi 2017 – My Experience

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Updated 3rd December 2018

The details for this year’s Palate fest Delhi –

HT Palate Fest, Delhi

Place – Nehru Park
Dates – 14th to 16th December 2018

Here is my experience of Palate fest Delhi 2017

Delhi’s winter weather is best for open-air parties and picnics. This is the time when most of the food festival takes place in Delhi. One such food festival is “Palate fest Delhi”. Unfortunately, there is more discussion about Delhi’s pollution due to high toxins in the air, it is indeed bad. We should try to contribute whatever to minimize the pollution in the air by using public transport and getting our vehicle checked regularly for pollution.

Despite everything, the spirit of Delhi is high even in the worst scenarios. The spirit of Delhi is very strong and people don’t miss any chance to enjoy and take advantage of the weather. In heat of summers, outdoor activities are possible due to high temperature. As soon as winter approaches everyone is ready to go out and spend time in the open. There are many food festivals from November to February.

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The Palate Fest is one of the biggest in terms of food outlets and the variety of foods it offers. The added advantage is that there are concerts or live DJ sessions every evening. So it is a food and music festival. Other then these there are live cooking sessions also for food enthusiasts.

The Palate fest is a 3 days event and in 2017 it was from 17th November to 19th November in Nehru Park. The location is central and another good thing is that Nehru Park is surrounded by greenery and trees. It was more like a Picnic where I landed without preparing for it. There were stalls serving mouthwatering vegetarian and nonvegetarian food from their makeshift kitchens.

Set up of Palate fest Delhi 2017

The Palate fest covers around 25% area of the Nehru Park and it was divided into 4 zones named Blue zone, Green Zone, Red Zone, and Yellow zone.

Map of Palate Fest

There were stalls by restaurants and hotels. There were picnic benches which were in a common area as well as exclusive for some food stalls. The Palate fest Delhi had 2 stages for concerts and DJ sessions.

Palate fest Delhi has two entrance gates, one was opening into the yellow zone. In this area, there was a small stage for the performance and it was smaller in comparison to the Blue and Green zone.

The second gate opens into the Green area. There was a big stage in front of the Blue area with a ground in front of it.

The Palate fest Delhi commenced at 3:30 PM on Friday the 17th November. On nest two days i.e. on Saturday & Sunday, the festival commences at 11:30 AM. I visited it on the 18th afternoon with one of my friends. Fortunately, the air was clean as it rained the night before and due to this there was less pollution comparatively.

Palate fest car

The Palate fest Delhi showcases India’s finest restaurants, chefs, and musicians.

This fest is a one-stop destination for foodies with a plethora of standalone restaurants, food chains, and some 5-star hotel chains and they offer an exclusive dining experience. There was food from Old Delhi.

The market stalls selling items to take back home and by end of the day live music by bands was icing on the cake.

There were approx 100 stalls in the fest and it was of international level food fest.

There were Demos by renowned chef’s every evening in the Demo area located between Blue and green zone. On the second day, there was a demo scheduled by chef Hemant Oberoi for Ceramica but some Sous chef came and it was a very lousy demo. Other then this it was a great day and we had a good time at the fest.

The day I went for it, there was a live performance by Sibani Kashyap and it was followed by Euphoria.
Palate fest big stage

Some important information about Palate fest Delhi

Food Brands at Palate fest 2017

Blue Zone: Keventers, The Great Kabab Factory, Taj, Monginis, Roseate, Lite Bite Foods, ITC Master Chef, Kaffa, Jom wof Malay, Trend Bar & Kitchen, Kofuku, Fratelli, Royal China, Veda, Gianni, Neung Roi, Aamra

Green Zone: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Andrea’s, Hillcart tales, Kylin, Haldiram’s, Fat Lulu’s, Baking Bad, Sandoz, Enoki, Ooh La La, Nooshe Joon, Tashan, Ami’s Food Cafe.

Red Zone: Pretty Baked, Sinful bites, Tea boutique, Sugar loft, Sugarnama, Cravings, Wonderland, Berushka, Amy’s bakehouse, House of Candy, Indo Kulfi, Nut stories, Sugar Loft, WholeFoods

Yellow Zone: British Bakers street, Amici, Bun Intended, Uncle Jack’s, Wokman, Sleepy Owl, Italiano, Dolce Gelato, Maka Maka, Pita Pit, House of Tigers, The Lalit, Imagine Cold Pressed Juice, Movenpick, Koyla Kabab, Sushi Junction

Demo Classes by Master-Chefs at Palate fest Delhi:

17 Nov: Ranveer Brar
18 Nov: Vicky Ratnani and Hemant Oberoi
19 Nov: Nishant Choubey

Artist Lineup:

17 Nov: Astitva, Indian Ocean
18 Nov: Euphoria
19 Nov: Rocknaama, Raftaar

Things to know before you go to Palate fest Delhi

* Car parking is an issue due to limited space, it is better to take a cab.

* There are many food stalls, take a map at the entrance to decide where you want to eat.

* It gets cold at night so carry woolens.

* It gets crowded at night so go little early if you don’t like the crowd.


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    1. Yes, I agree but I prefer to write about things or places where I had the first-hand experience. Next time I will post in advance 🙂

  1. Love the atmosphere which is evident in your pictures, Sapna! Reminds me of a similar fest that I had posted in September. But the one here had different setting.

    1. 🙂 It was a different setting with proper sitting arrangement. I attended couple of food fest in past but there was always an issue with sitting.

        1. I agree it happens that people (Especially in groups) don’t vacate the seats after eating to make space for others. Fortunately, in this fest, there was enough sitting arrangement.

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