Osian Sand Dunes: You can Skip in Jodhpur

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Jodhpur is an old and rustic city but got modern touch with time. There are some really interesting places in the city and around it. I have one afternoon free so, I decided to visit Osian sand dunes.

Jodhpur is full of history and have spectacular monuments like Mehrangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada Other then these main attractions there are some places around Jodhpur, which are recomended for half day excursions i.e.

Visit to Bisnoi village and village safari


Visit to Osian sand dunes.

Osian sand dunes are around 70 km from the Jodhpur city and I booked a cab to visit. Though I had visited these before (approx 15 yrs back) but I decded to visit these again as I have some free time. Moreover it was recomended a lot and have good reviews. So I thought maybe something interesting developed over the years. But alas!!!!! It was more boring and dull place than I remebered.

The Osian sand dune tour includes two old temples also. Which is more of a marketing thing. If you are religious and like to visit temples than it’s a different thing. Else don’t fall for it, go only if you have nothing else to do and just want to kill time & spend some money 😉

Now I come to the reasons, why you can avoid going there –
* Drive is long and boring as nothing interesting on the way.
* Skip it…..Until and unless you are a religious person, who likes to visit all temples.

* Osian is a small to mid range dune with shrubs here and there. Its area is quite small and not clean.

* Skip it…. If you are not crazy to ride a camel as you never rode a camel before.

* If you have any plans to visit Jaisalmer in near or distant future, then definitely skip it.

* There are no proper restaurants and restrooms in the area.

* It will cost you somewhere around 1800 INR with nothing interesting to see or experience.

I personally recommend to give it a miss :-I

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6 thoughts on “Osian Sand Dunes: You can Skip in Jodhpur”

  1. I have been to Osian three or four times. Its not at all a tourist spot. I have visited temple on all three occasions. it’s quite rustic and only foreigners looking for offbeat experience will like it.

    1. I been to Osian twice.
      There are many beautiful temples in Rajasthan in comparison to these. The Mata mandir except for main sanctum is a new construction and all gates are marked with names of the people who donated these.
      The Jain temple is made nicely but again from a traveller’s point of view, is it worth travelling that much ? It is a small temple and the guy standing outside temple forces you to buy 100 Rs ticket for camera.
      I gave my views as point of a traveller and not a devote because then the perspective changes.

      1. You are right Sapna. I will agree that all new construction around main sanctum is nothing great to talk about. So for a traveller or tourist there’s nothing much here except the stories related to the Osian mata and its temple.

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