How to click good selfies….

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Today I am going to write about something, which is not my forte but I have friends who are really good at capturing good selfies. This post is about how to click good selfies.

One of my friend is so good at it that I decided to write on it with help of her tips. Her selfies are always good, I guess because of two reasons 1. She knows how to click 2. May be she is photogenic 🙂

Here are few tips on how to click good selfies –

* You should capture a good angle, keep moving 360 degrees and when you find the best angle….. Click it.
Keep camera a little higher, it will make your face look better and also if there is double chin then it will not come in picture.

* Everyone has a good side. Know which side it is and concentrate on clicking from that side.
* Pay attention to good lighting. Since you are using front camera so, you know when your face is looking bright.
* Smile or do something cheerful, it will show on your face and make you look better. Or have an interesting expression, which will add different dimension to picture.
* Take a selfie when you got a new haircut or new hair colour or some new accessory. Highlight it while clicking selfie.
* Try to get something interesting in the background of your picture.
* When taking selfie with friends, make sure they can also see there face in camera screen as it will help to capture best expression as they can see and adjust accordingly.
* You can snap the picture of your shoes or feet, may be with some interesting background.
* You can use different filters to add more drama in to your picture.
* Use selfie stick but take care that you select an angle from where your stick will not come in picture.
Things to avoid –
* Don’t use a mirror unless there’s no other way to get the shot you want.
* Never use flash.
P.S. I am very bad, when it comes to selfies….. Ha ha……




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