Wordlessly Wednesday – Reason

Wordlessly Wednesday – Reason

There are some rituals people follow as they had seen their elders doing but they don’t know what is the meaning, reason behind.
This was a procession of religious nature to the local temple, women were carrying “Kalas” on their head for offering to God. I have not seen any man carrying “kalash”.

Now the question is……
Is this a privilege for women to carry “Kalash”?
They have to do this as a duty because they are women?


They are simply doing it because they had seen others doing it?

(Without knowing the logic or reason behind it)

Please help me understand……
meaning, reason

8 thoughts on “Wordlessly Wednesday – Reason

  1. For me it is a traditional procession for ladies to display their best attire and visiting temple in dedication, maybe an indirect form of exercise to keep their spinal bones erect. Just a wild thought process !

  2. Where was this picture taken, Sapna? Interesting pictures. This ritual is not something that I am familiar with. I’d like to learn from what your readers have to say. Meanwhile. I’ll try reading up on it. πŸ™‚

    1. These pics I took in Ncr (Delhi Ncr) region. What I gathered was that before starting some 2-3 days long puja, they were taking kalash to the temple. It is called “kalash sthapana”.

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