Why only women?????

Why only women?????

In Hinduism why only women have to fast for the safety of husband, kids, and family or prosperity of family?
From Karva choth, Teej, Ahoi aastmi, Chatth, Vat savitri etc etc, naming few.

Someone may say, Oh!!!! in ancient times women use to stay at home and men use to go out to work that’s why.

Ok….. but in those days also women have to work hard to manage home because there were no home appliances to help them. They even use to grow the basic day to day food items in kitchen gardens and to some extent manage live stocks. In those days having domestic help was only limited to noble or kings.

Why no fast for the men, which for the good health or long life of women??

I had seen some women, who are struggling with health and physical issues and need medications during the day but still they fast and suffer at times. Why they do so?? Someone can say but our systems are like that they have to do so or in some cases belief (Or I can say superstition) plays its role.

P.S. Well some men these days fast with wives to show solidarity with women but those are limited and half of them not follow it religiously and do this just to make a woman feel happy.

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  1. Entire essence of the festival has gone for a toss. Long back I read somewhere that it was celebrated in a different way. Girl goes to in-laws house. She would need a companion to be friend with share things with. This occasion would be good to gel up with girl of same age or higher in the family so that she can she finds a friend in her while they do many activities such as putting mehndi n all.I don’t know how concept of fasting came in.I’m not that religious. Hence I do not know how one’s fasting affect the life longitivity of other. But I can only respect her for doing it with her whole heart .

    1. I agree with you most of the rituals are twisted with the time.
      I have seen most of the things involved with fasting became market oriented.
      I am also not able to understand how fasting affect life longevity and at the same time I respect the sentiment involved with it.

  2. many customs developed in response to the situation. Over the years, some of them were practiced even when the situation changed. The customs became “rule” without any thought. Our society is a male oriented society, so many of this is reflected in the customs we follow. In current context we are moving away from male domination..at least in urban setting. I’m sure change will follow!

      1. You are right Sapna. Unfortunately, at some point of time, it was logical but down the line it became a rule! inflexibility sets in, mindset freezes…It’s time to change it all..we need to think afresh to stay relevant with time, as you rightly mentioned in your blog post!

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