Tourism in India – Funny statement

Tourism in India – Funny statement

What should I make out from this kind of statement……. Is it going to help anyway tourism in India.
Two days back, we have news in a national daily that some of the travel and booking portals have tied up with many hotels all around India so that unmarried couples can book and stay in without a problem. (Though as per IPC, it is not illegal but still hotels not allow it) It is said that it will boost the tourism.
Now, yesterday our Tourism Minister JI give a statement (Not the kaph or religious leaders) that “We give welcome kits to tourists when they land at the airport. The kit includes a card with do’s and don’ts such as, do not venture out alone at night in small towns, do not wear skirts; take a picture of the registration number of the vehicle you use and send it to a friend…”.
Wel, when this kind of statements specially on what to wear and not wear comes, then how we are going to boost tourism in India??
P.S. During my Hampi travel, I had noticed that almost all foreign tourists were wearing the cloths (Read short cloths) they liked in the hot weather and no one was even looking at them, forget about staring them. It is not about cloths, it’s simply about the mindset of people. We need to work to on mindset and not cloths.

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  1. yeah I read that news too.. I think this would even give a negative impression about the country and place and its security for the women travelers .
    I think welcome kit should include points on security rather than clothes ..

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