Orchha sightseeing – Other than it’s monuments

Colours in Market

Orchha is a small town with a beautiful fort, temples, and Cenotaphs. Most of the people come to Orchha to see these places. The temple of Ramaraja is one of the most popular places among religious travelers. These are some of the popular places to see in Orchha but this post is about descriptive places … Read moreOrchha sightseeing – Other than it’s monuments

Music in Mehrangarh Fort – Jodhpur

This guy was sitting with family after the second gate of Mehrangarh fort and playing his Thori or Nayak Bhopas. His elder son, who is probably 4 years old was giving him company and playing a small drum (Dhol). Wife was sitting quietly and didn’t reply to anything I asked 🙂 She was taking care … Read moreMusic in Mehrangarh Fort – Jodhpur

Rababri Tribe Women – Nomadic Herders

We visited a small hamlet of Rabari tribe in Hodka village near Great Rann of Kutch during our stay in one of the famous Eco resort in the area. There was only 10-12 house and the main occupation for them is making different handicraft items, mainly with Rabari embroidery (Which is also known as kuchi … Read moreRababri Tribe Women – Nomadic Herders

Travelling Solo – Advantages & Disadvantages

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Everything we do in life has some advantages and some disadvantages. There are two sides of every coin and same is applicable when we travel alone. Based on my experience, I am trying to consolidate these. Let’s talk about advantages first – * Freedom to … Read moreTravelling Solo – Advantages & Disadvantages