Photo blog of Hampi Monuments – Places to Visit

This is photoblog of Hampi Monuments – Places to visit. There are so many structures and monuments scattered all around Hampi, some structures are still in good shape but mostly turned into ruins. While we were riding around to see the known monuments, we came across many non-descriptive small places. Below is the photo blog … Read morePhoto blog of Hampi Monuments – Places to Visit

Dhanushkodi – The City of Dead

Dhanushkodi ruins

We reached Rameshwaram by train from Kanyakumari. We had 2 days to explore the Rameshwaram town and it’s surrounding areas like Dhanushkodi. We visited Dhanushkodi on the first day. Dhanushkodi is approx 20 km from the Rameshwaram town. I booked a jeep and we started at 9.30 AM from Rameshwaram to Dhanushkodi. Jeep is the … Read moreDhanushkodi – The City of Dead

Sarnath Stupa – From Varanasi

How can I miss Sarnath Stupa, when I am in Varanasi. Sarnath is approx 12 km from Varanasi city and a day trip is best option to explore. One morning after breakfast, I decided to go to Sarnath stupa and hired an auto rickshaw (tuk-tuk) for going and return. It is the most popular & … Read moreSarnath Stupa – From Varanasi

Hampi Village – UNESCO’s World Heritage site

Virupaksha Hampi village

Hampi is known for its temples and ruins. It’s a UNESCO’s world heritage site. These ruins are spread on both sides of Tungabhadra River and there is so much to see. Most of these ruins are in bazaar side of the river and another side has comparatively lesser places to visit. The other side of … Read moreHampi Village – UNESCO’s World Heritage site