Rababri Tribe Women – Nomadic Herders

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We visited a small hamlet of Rabari tribe in Hodka village near Great Rann of Kutch during our stay in one of the famous Eco resort in the area.

There was only 10-12 house and the main occupation for them is making different handicraft items, mainly with Rabari embroidery (Which is also known as kuchi embroidery) and some hand work. Women do the embroidery on fabrics for making garments, wall hangings, door hangings, cushion, bed sheets etc. Men folk of the house sell these to people visiting them in villages or with the help of NGO’s by visiting metro cities.

I had bought quite a few things during my visit. When I was leaving I requested the women of the house to pose for me, they came out of the house & pose but were conscious so didn’t smile & directly looked into camera. These women are hard working as they do all the house chores and make products, which later sold to earn money for the house.

rabari tribe women

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