Oversharing on Social Media – Facebook

Oversharing on Social Media – Facebook

These days there is so much oversharing on social media that it becomes a syndrome for some people.

Initially I shared my thoughts and holiday or other pictures on FB with my “Friends”.
Then started playing some funny… Oh no…. rather stupid games and competing with friends…. Ha ha…. It was addictive in a way but thankfully I identified this problem with in 2 months that how stupid these “Game” thing. I quit the games and deactivated FB account for 30 days. Detox :-p

When I reactivated the account, I made it a point that I shall only share my thoughts or my travel pictures and did it for another 2-3 years but over the years I realized there is no point sharing personal pictures on social media. People who meant to see my personal pics, can anyway see these and I can share these on 1 to 1 basis. Why broadcast on timeline, so after that no pics sharing on FB and it’s been more than 2 years.

oversharing on social media

Over the years after getting over “FB” syndrome 😛 , I noticed some interesting things & patterns. –

***** FB is more about publicizing with whom you ate what & where, which restaurant or hotel you checked in, which airport you checked in, what prize your kid got in fancy dress or poem reading or if possible flood the timeline with193 pictures from one day travel or any other mundane thing happening in your life. Just vomit everything… Some people do so much check ins that I feel that they should check in when they go to bed 😀
It is risky also in many ways because it gives your details to the people, who are not meant to know it.
***** I realized that some of the people whom I known for years and thought that “I know about them well” but it turned out that actually I didn’t know them. I had no idea about their thoughts or inclination or paths or the way they look toward other people’s religions or how hateful they can be if you don’t agree with their ideology.
I came to know this about some of my “Friends” when they liked some “public” pages (Like everyone else I also get feed of these likes on my timeline) or when they commented on public pages or when they post some article or pictures of certain websites.
*****I came to know about the “IQ” level of some, from the posts they “Re-post” and then ask others to post…. Hey guys…. There is something called commonsense.
***** Some people just “Vomit” everything they thing or come across. (Share every other post and they are following practically all kind of pages or groups)
*****Most important ……”Friends” remember birthday (As FB shows every morning) and my timeline used to get filled with wishes but the moment had hide my birthday…..  Most of “Friends” forget my birthday. Ha ha……
***** Another interesting one…. Some of them post so mushy post for their Husband or Wife on wedding anniversary that I wonder if they really like to wish them or just trying to show world…… Well guys I hope you live in same house and same bedroom. Why not simply hug & kiss and say the wonderful words to each other in person I/O publishing poster on FB.
Another variety in this category of parents….. Who wish their toddler or preteen kids (Who are obviously not on FB)….. Hey guys even if they know what FB is then also they can’t see it….. Love them and make their day special in person, which I am sure all parents do. What is the point of posting.
So after wasting lot of my time on Facebook, I realized that use it for your use and don’t let FB use you.
These thoughts came to my mind, when I was reading Akhila and Supreet post about “Why are we not open to all”.
I had written a pot earlier also about Facebook sharing trends Just for fun
P.S. These are my observations for Facebook, please feel free to say what you observed regarding oversharing on social media.

10 thoughts on “Oversharing on Social Media – Facebook

  1. so true . FB these days has become a tool for broadcasting almost everything people do in their day to day activities.. i think people should also be aware of netiquettes while they posts too much personal on FB .
    FB can be a good tool for business/brand/service promotion rather than simply using it for letting whole world know what you ate and when u slept.
    human connection are more stronger when wishes ,celebrations, feelings are shown in person ..

    1. I TOTALLY agree with you.
      I remember a example from last year, one of my old colleague went to Australia and she was posting pictures 2-3 times a day. She was so busy showing off that she posted several pics of her 3 old daughter’s taking bath & splashing water in bath tub. I am just her FB friend now, so I told her close friend to remove those pics from social media but after 2 days those pics were still there. This is one stupid example and shows how sharing can become stupidity.

      1. certain things can be destructive too .. FB is an open book in the world of internet . besides privacy settings things are getting compromised, morphed and what not .. rather reveal only not so confidential details. you did your part .. but then its upto them to be careful and informed .

  2. Beautifully written and presented.
    i have never found FB much useful and this is the reason i never opened any account there.
    It always surprised me why some people are so busy to show what they are doing in every second…never found any logic for such activities.
    Most importantly…those who are busy to update their every second activity and to interact with so called fb friends….how they get so much time?

    1. Ha ha…. True…
      FB is more for show off these days. At times so many constant updates on timeline are useless and I have to put those people in to show less option.

  3. People who are not addicted to FB and especially for getting likes over their images have seriously survived the addiction of Social Media. I loved this post and have saved it as it is very different and unique.

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