Neemrana Hill Fort Kesroli – Alwar Rajasthan

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I stayed in Neemrana Hill Fort Kesroli during my Alwar and Bhangarh travel. This 14th Century fort was converted into a heritage hotel by the Neemrana group. The hotel is surrounded by farms and located in a small village near Alwar.Mustard fields around Hill fort Kesroli

We stayed there while coming back from Bhangarh Fort. I traveled with 3 of my friends and we advance booked two rooms online. They sent a map explaining the hotel location with directions from Delhi “how to reach Hill Fort Kesroli from Delhi”. The map was very useful because there are not many signboards on the road and local people don’t know much if you ask them for directions. So, I used google navigation and map to locate the Hill Fort Kesroli as it was getting dark by the time we reached close to it. Once you reach the village, there is a big signboard on the road leading to the Fort.

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Hill Fort Kesroli is not as grand as the Neemrana Fort, which is the signature property of the group. This is a small fort but well known for its turrets, ramparts, and arched verandahs. Fort is constructed on an elevation and is surrounded by fields & there are few houses close to it. The main village is a short distance from the Fort.Rampant in Hill Fort Kesroli

They have used every inch of the fort to convert it into a beautiful hotel. Considering that there was not much scope for structural changes while converting the Fort into the hotel. Every room is different in shape and design, like all other Neemrana heritage hotels they have given names to each room instead of numbers.Sitting area in Hill Fort Kesroli

Some rooms are small in size and some are big. It is better to read instructions carefully before making the booking. All rooms are tastefully decorated with ethnic touch keeping the spirit of the traditional old style of India.

The bathrooms are like any other modern hotel with all amenities like hot and cold water, basic toiletries etc. Still, there is a traditional touch in the design of bathrooms.Room in Hill Fort Kesroli

As I mentioned earlier we reached after dark, so we could not go around. Hotel staff at reception informed us, there will be a cultural program after 7.30 PM. The cultural program was organized in the open area in front of the rooms.

There was a small stage set up for singers & musicians and sitting arrangement around it for guests.Dancers in Hill Fort Kesroli_3

The program consists of traditional folk songs by local artists, a dance performance by Kalbelia dancers and other folk dance performances. There was nothing spectacular about it but it was an ok program to spend a relaxed evening.

I am saying so because I saw some interesting performances by fold artists in Jaisalmer and Jaipur but if someone had not seen traditional folk dance performance then they will definitely enjoy it.

The dinner was a buffet and not included in the room tariff. It was a good spread of Indian and continental. Personally, I feel they should also serve a la carte dinner because everyone if not comfortable with buffets.

I had a peaceful night and slept well.

The next morning I went up to the roof and sitting area of Fort. There were a couple of houses and Rosen adjacent to the Fort wall. The people were busy doing day to day cores.

My friend told me they were listening to the bellow and snort of buffalo from early morning because their room was next to the house & Rosen.

Otherwise, the surrounding area was very peaceful and there were the fields around the Fort. Nice place to relax and watch village life. Or enjoy swimming in the pool or relaxing around it.

Food, in general, was nice and fresh. The breakfast was included in room tariff and it was tasty as well as wholesome.Dinning area in Hill Fort Kesroli

They have a shop inside the fort, where they sell clothes and other items under the brand of Neemrana. A good place to do some souvenir shopping.Inside area of Hill Fort Kesroli

Neemrana Hill Fort Kesroli is an ideal place if you want to spend a weekend away from hustle bustle of the city doing nothing. Or I can say a nice place for a romantic weekend.

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