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Mindless Behavior – Mindless Pictures – Why

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I had seen these kind poses at many historic monuments. This mindless behavior of tourists is so disgusting. People climb on statues or any other structure or object because they want a “Wow” picture. Most of the structures are centuries old and abusing them further will create more damage. This is totally mindless behaviour to take mindless pictures.

Do we climb or misuse on our precious things are this???? No….. Then why this behavior with our heritage. Can’t we get a “Wow” picture if we stand in front of these?

Another question is what will be the ultimate use of these pictures….. Post on Facebook or maybe Instagram…. Where friends will see these for 2 days maximum and then these pictures will go in dump…..

These kind of pictures are not going for The Pulitzer Prize or Nat geo award….. So, why this madness….mindless behavior

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11 thoughts on “Mindless Behavior – Mindless Pictures – Why”

  1. Less consciousness and poor knowledge about our heritage….idiotic acts.
    Authorities should take strong action to stop such activities.
    Good to read your analysis and so true it is…at the end these pictures will go in dump.

  2. One colleague posted 140 photos from his trip. Quite understandably, the first few photos got 5-6 likes, the number kept decreasing and became zero for subsequent photos. I remarked to him that it must have taken a lot of time and effort to post so many photos. He simply replied — No, not at all! I simply press Ctrl+A (select all), OK.

    So you can see, it is indeed mind-less. Of course, as technology has made taking pictures very easy, very less art and emotions are poured into them.

    Another habit which is no less annoying is the attempt to become immortal by engraving names on stones.

    1. I agree with you. Now everyone is photographer because we don’t need a camera….. Mobiles works as camera and people click endless pictures…. More irritating is as u told… they simply do ctrl all…. And post all pics without doing any selection. I also came across similar Posts.
      So much of personal information is available on Internet.

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