Lucknow – Short trip to city of Nawabs

Lucknow – Short trip to city of Nawabs

There are some places, which are close to us and want to explore but due to one or the other reason we take too long to visit. Lucknow was one of those cities from my bucket list and finally, I managed to materialize a short trip to the city of nawabs. I manage to explore some interesting monuments but missed visiting some old markets places. Hopefully soon, I will have another opportunity to visit Lucknow.

I started from Bada Imambara, it is one of the biggest and most popular monuments of Lucknow. 2

Also popularly known as Bhul bhullaiya due to the labyrinth on the first floor of main building. It was built during the famine to provide employment to the people. I had engaged a guide because you are not allowed to visit Bhul bhullaiya without a guide due to obvious reasons and fortunately the guy who accompanied me was nice & funny. The monument is unique due to labyrinth but other then it has interesting acoustic properties and air flow system. It took me a couple of hours exploring it and by end of it I was mesmerized with its uniqueness.

Mosque in Bada imambara
Mosque in Bada imambara

There is a mosque inside the premises and on every Friday they offer namaz in it.

16 Shahi baoli located on the right side of Imambada and its most unique feature is the secret view of the visitors that it offers from inside. It is because of the alignment of one of the windows of the building and it’s entrance pathway, one can see the colorful shadow of the visitors standing at the entrance of this structure, on the water of the well.

7 10After coming out of Bada Imambada, I took a rickshaw to visit Rumi Darwaza, watch tower called Satkhanda, Chota Imambada, art gallery and clock tower. All are in a radius of 1 km. I crossed from Runi darwaza and visited an art gallery, there I had seen few paintings of nawabs arranged one wall of one room. Some of the pictures have the 3D effect and are very much live, though it didn’t take much of my time.

11 15 18 19Chota Imambada was the renovating when I visited but between the bamboos and other building material, I was able to guess how beautiful it will look after completion of the renovation project. Inside hall has lots of chandeliers and these were brought from Belgium. I hope to visit it again after completion of work.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this post. We know that Lucknow city itself is famous for many aspects of its rich culture, from music, poetry, travel, and food etc.This post is very nice.Thanks

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