Khajuraho Temples Images – Erotic Sculptures

Khajuraho Temples Images – Erotic Sculptures

When we talk about Khajuraho, the first thing comes to mind is “Khajuraho temple images”. I have been to Khajuraho with a women travel group. We took an overnight train from Delhi to Khajuraho, which was supposed to reach in morning but it got several hours late due to fog and we reached late so that day we could not explore much. We went for sound and light show in the evening. After it, we had a bonfire at the hotel and retired for the night.
Next morning after breakfast we went for the famous Khajuraho temples. There are three divisions .i.e. western, eastern and southern. The western group of temples are most popular and have maximum places to see. These temples are one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These temples have nagara-style architectural symbolism and they are more known for its erotic sculptures. These Khajuraho temple images are most published all over the world. Most of the temples were built between 950 and 1050 by the Chandela dynasty. We came to know that there were 85 temples sites around the 12th century but now about 20-22 temples have survived. These temples are spread in 6-7 square kilometers.These temples are dedicated to Shiva & Vishnu and his affinities, 1 to Ganesha, 1 to Sun god, 3 to Jain Tirthanks.
All temples have a rich display of intricately carved statues on its outer walls. These temples are famous for their erotic sculpture, sexual themes but these sculptures cover only 10% of the temple sculpture. Most of the erotic scene panels are neither prominent nor emphasized and these are proportionally balanced with the non-sexual images. Kandarya Mahadeva Temple is one of the most decorated temples with over 870 sculptures. There are well maintained gardens around these temples andthis gives them a good dimension to the temples.

I am not going to write more about “Khajuraho Group of Monument” and let the pictures tell the story.

13 thoughts on “Khajuraho Temples Images – Erotic Sculptures”

  1. I have always wondered about the sculptures. What made them carve these really erotic ones? What was the philosophy behind this? How regressive have we become ever since…

    • The temples were state sponsored as I gathered from guide and google baba. I was told that the sculptures were to depict the life in those days. Erotic sculptures are only 10% of total but still all the hype is around them and everyone talks or highlight them.
      Yes, you right to some extent. Over the years people were made to fear god instead of loving god.

  2. You would be surprised that there is something similar to Khujarao in Assam too. This place is called Madan Kamdev, very close to Guwahati. They have not been popularised and maintained as Khajuraho.

    • You are right sometimes, we don’t know about some places because there is no proper information about these places. So, it means I missed visiting this place during my visit to Guwahati.

  3. Lovely pictures. Having been to Khajuraho, I know that it’s not just about the erotic figures but it’s been promoted in such a way that people have misconception about these temple being all about eroticism.

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