Just for fun – Facebook Behavior

Just for fun – Facebook Behavior


Most of us spend quite a lot of time on Facebook and mostly everyone on our friend’s list including ourselves, behave in a certain way. There are many category we all fall into one of the categories or might even fall into multiple categories. So which all categories, you can correlate yourself.

Who posts Good morning every day to Facebook

They never posts or comments or like your post though they reads everything. They may make reference to your status in personal conversation.

They just say LOLs, LMAOs, WOWs etc at everything.

They like everything about some selected people, how irrelevant or random it is.
Mr/Ms Popular
They have 2,345 friends for NO reason.Gamer
Plays Mafia Wars, Bakes virtual cakes, grow crops and stuff ALL DAY. Then they send invitation to everyone in friend list to play games.Collector
They never post anything but joins every other popular group and also becomes fans of some random pages.Promoter
Sends event invitations to things that are so irreverent and you ultimately delete or ignore.Liker
They never actually says anything but they always click on like button.

Drama Queen/ King
They always posts things like “Oh! my God”, “Sad”, “I can’t believe this”, “Feeling awesome” or “Looking” in the hopes that you will ask what happened but then they never tell the clear story.

They are in to re posting everything on God/cancer/etc and say if you are a true friend/good person then you will post this as your status or say amen on post.

They complain about anything and everything like it’s too hot (As in they haven’t living in same place from last 29 yrs and suddenly weather changed)

They add many hashtag at random and these don’t leave it anywhere.

They create group messages and tags dozens of friends.

They uses Facebook everyday but there most recent photo is curiously from 2011


They uses some random photo instead of there own photo as profile picture.

Follow me
They threaten every other week to quit Facebook. Come on don’t do it! You still have so many attention-grabbing ultimatums ahead of you.Opinionated
They have opinion about anything and everything.Shamer
They shame you for having an opinion different then there (Remember Arnab Goswami). Let us talk shit on controversial politicians or subjects in peace.Lost
They seems never used Google before because they ask things like It seems “Does anyone know what the weather’s supposed to be like this weekend?”Diver
They deep dives in to your photo albums and like your photos from 2008. We don’t know how you got so far down the rabbit hole but kindly climb back up.

They try too hard to wish Happy birthday on Facebook that they dig up our shared history. But we’re not going to put in the same effort once your birthday.
Just give us a courtesy “HBD” and we’ll be fine.

They compulsively checks in everywhere they go with you. Oh Thanks, we understand you are human GPS, but hey we don’t need everyone in our friend list to know where all we went.

They are the one, who change there profile picture everyday or every other day. Aha, good. We thought, we forgot what you looked like.

Compliment seeker
They post looking for a compliment. “oh feeling fat today” selfies, come on we know you have six pack or have a perfect figure.

They announce every important or non-important event  of life in Facebook post. We’re happy for you but don’t announce your major life events to us like we’re reporters at your own personal press conference.Hoaxer
They fall for obvious hoaxes. The friend who copies and pastes those Facebook privacy statements every year without giving it second thought or using commonsense.Politician
They are constantly sharing political articles and cartoons from news outlets or Facebook pages. The Politician posts statuses at least 5 times a day. We all know them, and we all kind of hate them.Selfie-Absorbed
We’ve all done it. But these Selfie-Absorbed, they take it to a new level. They post selfie of themselves drinking coffee or just woke up.Couple
They have their own separate Facebook accounts but they might as well complete the final stage of symbiosis and merge to one. These couple constantly writes on each others walls or about each other and posts statuses with “milestones” in their relationship.

They uses their Facebook for business. They post poorly designed flyers with eye-burning colors and statuses that include lots of exclamation points and stars for promotion.

They from morning to evening, so we know everything from their breakfast of choice, to what they wore, which book they are reading.

You might be sleeping on your Sunday, these Do-Gooder by then ran a 5k for diabetes or cancer or volunteered at a nursing home or under prevailed home and uploaded a picture or may be an album of them feeding an impoverished child.


They start posting pictures the moment, they board the flight or start driving for the holiday.
Baby Mama
These Baby Mama are documenting everything from the nastiness that was in her baby’s diaper to their first steps on Facebook. You will forget a baby book.Crying Wolf
They cry when they can’t catch a break and they want to let the whole world know. Whether it is a bad sale, flat tire, a cheating friend, or a piece of food item gone bad.Fitness Fanatic
There Facebook is linked to map-my-run or some other similar apps, they are constantly uploading there workout details and they make you re-evaluate your life as you swallow each self-loathing bite of junk food.Sports Blogger
They being my main news outlet when a game is on, updating their status constantly with a play-by-play of the game and also adding expert opinion with predictions into each post.Foodie
They post mouth watering dishes. The Foodie has an art for posting food pictures but also for choose filters that make us salivate.

EDM-er & Drinker
They are constantly raving and rocking and rolling (literally). We get tired of even looking at how many pubs they went to or how many events they attended in the past month.

The Meteorologist doesn’t quite predict the weather, but they sure do follow it. Even if you live in a cave or never leave your house/look out your window, you sure will get weather update.

Cat/Dog Person
They are very similar to The Baby Mama’s in several ways. Their animal is their pride and joy, and they probably like that animal more than they like most people.

They seem to hate their life and everything in it, evidenced by the somber tone in ALL of their updates.

They steal status updates without acknowledging. They will probably steal this one……..

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  1. It requires lot of patience to categorize in such a way haha 😉 I don’t have fb account .. But I can relate these with WhatsApp group people .. Good one.. 😉

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