Photo blog of Hampi Monuments – Places to Visit

Photo blog of Hampi Monuments – Places to Visit

This is photoblog of Hampi Monuments – Places to visit. There are so many structures and monuments scattered all around Hampi, some structures are still in good shape but mostly turned into ruins. While we were riding around to see the known monuments, we came across many non-descriptive small places. Below is the photo blog of some of the monuments on bazaar side of Tungabhadra river.

For more details about Hampi please see this Hampi Village- UNESCO’s World Heritage site

Narasimha Vigraha

Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple

Shivlinga (It’s approximately 3 meters in height and made of single stone)


Vithala Temple Complex (It’s biggest complex and comparatively better maintained). We had to park the car outside and from there we bought we boarded battery operated carts after buying the ticket or one can opt to walk.

King’s balance, Dasara Dibba, Achyutaraya Temple

Queen’s bath

Lotus Temple, Elephant stable, Zanana enclosure

Hazara Rama Temple

Underground Shiva temple – Temple is approx 2 floor lower then the land.

Archeological gallery.

Hampi is full of monuments and these are must see Hampi Monuments – Places to visit .

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