Forgive and Forget

Forgive and Forget

I have noticed that sometimes what people hate about others, they tend to do same thing knowing or unknowingly. They take same actions to equal the score in name of freedom of expression or action.
I feel if we don’t like any habit of others in our life then the best thing is to not act in the same manner but usually, people don’t follow forgive and forget rule.

There is somewhere inside them is an undetected urge to score equally for the wrong done with them, which at times we don’t acknowledge.

The only way to have peace of mind and free thinking is to let go of what had happened. If we forgive others for whatever we think wrong done to us then we will have peace of mind and moreover, we will forget whatever unpleasantness had happened. But if we keep on remembering then our mind will remain in revolt mode and even if we don’t want to hurt the person intentionally or take revenge for what happened then also somehow our action will be biased towards others.

It’s like walking on the sword, which will eventually hurt us by end of the day. When we forgive and forget then we make this sword blunt.

The mantra for the free and peaceful mind is to forgive and forget. When I say this then I mean that we should act and not just think. Don’t keep grudges, clean the mind.

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