Faster-Cleaner-Better-#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet

Faster-Cleaner-Better-#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet

Around 2 weeks back, I got a mail from Indiblogger “Announcing the #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet – Delhi”. It was my first invite from Indiblogger for Berger xp painting’s sponsered event.

I was excited to attend the event and curious to know what Berger XP painting will be offering/presenting to bloggers. Here I would like to mention that we had been using Berger paints for interiors and exteriors from last 14-15 yrs. So, they are not a new brand and product for me.

I boarded the metro for Dwarka sector 21, which is the closest station to Taj Vivanta Dwarka (Venue for the event). I am a metro fan.

When I reached the venue, I noticed that some of the bloggers giving bites to the to media team of Indiblogger/BergerXP. I got my registration done by showing the bar-code I got from Indiblogger. I like the use of technology when it makes things simpler for us (I don’t like filling forms for registration πŸ˜› ).

Team Indiblogger was interacting with everyone and asked us to have lunch because as per schedule lunch was the first thing of the day :-O During the lunch, I came across Meenakshi from “Polkajunction” and I instantly developed liking for her. After lunch, we posed together and finally entered the hall for the event.

We entered the hall and made ourselves comfortable. The event started with ice-breaker session. The theme was “Spot the blogger with their blog descriptions”, it was a fun activity. We got envelop with some slips on which few lines from about were printed, everyone was trying to decode the bloggers from slip blogger and moving around asking. Ha ha….. Majulika was the first one to identify all five bloggers (I managed only 3 :-p ) and we had our first winner for the day.

After this fun activity, it was time to get some information on BergerXP. I was curious to know if this technology is going to reduce the pain from next painting job at our home. Getting the house painted is a big hassle, it drains energy. I can say this from my personal experience. Around 2 years back, when I had to take charge of this projection as my mom was not keeping well at that time and we didn’t want her to breath the dust floating in house. We room arrest them when painters used to do the scrub and cleaning.

The painting guys were in our house for 25-26 days (19-20 days for painting the walls and then polishing the doors/windows or painting the metal grills). All the time we were busy covering the furniture and other items in the house. It was total CHAOS and every day I use to mentally calculate, how many more days considering what they had already done and what was a balance. I celebrated when they finished the painting job.

So back to the event…….Mr. Vinod Das, Chief Manager at Berger Paints (Express Painting) takes over to explain painting hassles and the ideal solution. He started with an interesting quote “Painting is more painful than getting your tooth pulled” and I totally agree with him though I am fortunate with my tooth.

He explained the process in detail. If we want to get our house painting then we have to contact BergerXP and their executive will come to our house.
*He will measure the walls with a laser (Wow that sounds interesting) and will quote the price based on figures (Not vaguely as usually, painters do, they look around and tell “Itna lage ga”).
*If there is seepage, extra moisture on walls orΒ  “pH” issue with walls then the executive will advice how these problems can be solved before the painting starts.
*The automation of painting job reduces 40% of the time because it’s faster and cleaner. *According to Berger they launched the 1st ever home painting service in India in 1990.

*They will quote you the price and BergerXP confirm that it is similar to market price. *Once you confirm to BergerXP, they will send the trained painters. They have opened painting school and also associated with “Skill India” program.
*Last year they had trained 25,000 painters.
*They connect these painters with customers. During Q&A session, Mr.Das told us that they do a proper “KYC” of painters before connecting them with customers. I think it’s a good thing because in this way you are not allowing someone unknown in your house. *Moreover these painters are covered by insurance cover.
*Berger provide this service in tier 2 and tier 3 cities also.
*We were told that at Berger they developed some other tools, which help painters for moving heavy furniture and painters come with dust free sheets to cover furniture and other items before starting painting.

This how TV commercial sums up in 20 secs Quick & Better

After Q&A session, they showed and explained us about the tools used for the express painting –
SANDING MACHINE to scrub clean the walls before painting. It makes the process faster and vacuum function of it absorb almost 80% of dust.
MULTIPURPOSE MIXER used for putty & texture mixing.
AUTO ROLLER is with an adjustable roller with automatic paint pumping, which gives even and superior finish.
HIGH-PRESSURE WASHER used for pressure washing of outer walls mostly.

After these informative sessions, it was time for some more fun. We were divided into 6 teams and our first activity was sanding the board. We were 8 bloggers in team number 3 and we finished our sanding the board in one shot. It was super dusty, we got partly covered in white dust during sanding despite wearing a surgical cap, mask, and gloves but it was a fun team activity.

Our next activity was “Paint your imagination” and we got “Blogging, Vlogging” theme for painting. Before starting the painting we charged our batteries with tea/coffee and also decided what we will be painting. Before starting painting we were advised by Berger experts, how to mix the colors in the base.

Everyone started painting –
Finally, all of us got into action and painted this –

And we got the Ist price…. Ha ha…. It felt so good and reminded me of my class 7th painting competition πŸ˜€

Finally it was time to say goodbye. We got a T-shirt from Indiblogger and a goody bag from BergerXp. Wow…. Thanks Guys πŸ™‚
It seems Berger has planned to takes the pain out of painting job. I know it may not sound convincing to us in India but I think before going for house painting we should also check with BergerXP as we check with different painters before finalizing. If we explore then only we can decide, if they are good or not.
For more information and contact –BergerPaintsInd
Postscript : When I came back home, I shared with my family about this automated painting process and it benefits. My Mom got very excited with the concept of dust free & all that…. More than that she liked the idea that we can get a wall or a room painted instead of getting whole house painted. From her mood, I am sure I have to contact BergerXP soon :-p Lets see…… How soon…..

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