Ego and decisions

Ego and decisions

People sometimes makes a hasty decision and do everything possible to prove those hasty decisions right. Even if they know from inside what was wrong with the whole situation and that decision. One of the main reason for not accepting that they had made the wrong decision is ego. When ego plays a big part in decision making then the probability of doing right things is very less.

It is good if one tries to make a wrong decision right by doing things selflessly but if to make a wrong decision right they take more wrong decisions then what is the point. What is the point if to feed our ego we decide and do things which can harm others. In this process, they hurt others and at the same time they hurt themselves also. This process at times get frustrating and sometimes people sulk or even feel depressed when the situation doesn’t improve.

The main problem in this scenario I think is the way we look at and treat the situation. If we don’t change the outlook towards a problem and won’t think with open mind keeping aside the ego then we look at things from one perspective. There is always two sides of a coin and same goes for different issues of life. As two sides of a coin are closely related to each other but at the same time, they are totally different. Same way there are different views from different people involved, to solve a problem we should look from all possible angles and consider everyone’s perspective instead of thinking from our own perspective.

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