Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa in Monsoon

Dudhsagar Waterfall Goa in Monsoon

I haven’t visited Dudhsagar waterfall Goa during my earlier two trips to Goa but this time, I had decided to definitely visit it.

I was traveling with two other female friends and they also liked the idea. Dudhsagar waterfall gos is approx 65-70 Kms from most of the places in North Goa and there is no public transport system so, we hired a cab.
We started around 9.00 AM, so that we can reach there by 10.30-11.00 AM as it was end of monsoon and chances of rain around afternoon are higher. We had planned to take a jeep to go to the base of water fall as one of our friend had problem trekking. We reached near Cullem station from where trek starts for Dudhsagarh. Upon reaching there we came to know that jeeps are stopped in monsoon months and during this time either you walk or take a bike. Yes!!!! bike.
These guys told us that they will take us to bottom of waterfall and from parking area we have to walk for a while to reach the fall. My friend tried to bargain with them as we were taking 3 bikes but these guys didn’t budge as they have union and everyone goes by turn as assigned by union.We discussed between us and decided to go with them because one of our friend was not able to walk due to knee problem.
We took pillion seats on the bikes and started our trek (Ha ha… trek). It starts from Cullam station through rail track and those guys were riding the bikes on side of rail track, at some places it was very narrow & only a bike tire was able to fit in the space. On one side there were stones of rail track and on another side was deep pit. Those guys were expert riders and drove in minimum space. For me it was one of the most thrilling part of the journey. After riding for a while we got down from bikes and walked on railway track and bike guys took another route to take their bike on other side of rail track. To reach jungle they went through water tunnel under the railway tracks.

We walked and reached the jungle check post. Again we started our ride towards the base of fall. The trek was muddy and at some places, it was a bit slushy from previous day’s rain. We crossed two nullahs, which were coming from the waterfall. One was big & water was flowing fast, so one of the bike guys crossed first and helped us crossed with a rope already tied across the nullah. It was fun and exciting.

Finally, we reached the parking area and bike guys gave us life jackets to wear. There were a couple of fast flowing water streams, which we have to cross to reach base of fall. We started walking in the forest and reached first fast flowing stream. It was more than waist deep and water was flowing fast, bike guys helped us and cross this and next stream.

And we reached at the bottom of Dudhasagar fall, which is India’s second highest fall. Its name so because the water coming down looks white like milk. We climbed on boulders clicking pictures, splashing water on each other. We sat there for some time enjoying the view & surroundings. It was one of the most surreal experience.

We explored the area, crossed two streams but this time water was flowing much faster and gone few inches up. We boarded our bikes and started the return journey through the muddy & slushy trek. At some places, it was very slippery but those drove fine.

The water level in the nullah was not high when we went. When we returned water level gone high and it was very difficult to cross. Bike guys helped us and with rope we crossed. The water current was quite strong. Their bikes totally submerged in water, they pulled through nullah with great difficulty.

Finally, they started the bikes and drove. We reached the rail track and finally the place from where we took bikes with drivers.

It was a tough and risky area for bike riding but these guy drove with absolute perfection. Also helped us cross the fast flowing water. We were quite happy as it was turned out an adventure trip which we had never expected. We paid extra to these guys for their effort (Imagine before we were bargaining 😛 ).

P.S.  There were no proper restaurants in the area, so either you carry packed lunch or be prepared in some village shop for lunch. We had fish thali in one small shop in a village, it was basic but nice & fresh.


How to reach Dudhasagar waterfall Goa –
1.) Hire a taxi from Goa for full day and reach Cullam.
From here trek to fall through railway trek and mud road or take a jeep to the base of fall or in monsoon months take a bike with driver.
2.) Take a train from Madgaon to Cullam station. It is not an official stop for many trains but all trains stop here to check the breaks because there is steep desend on railway track ahead. From station walk on a railway track, crossing tunnels and reach the bridge in the middle of the waterfall.

Best time to go to Dudhsagar waterfall Goa-
End of monsoon season or beginning of winter because at that time waterfall is full and looks spectacular.

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