Photo blog of Hampi Monuments – Places to Visit

This is photoblog of Hampi Monuments – Places to visit. There are so many structures and monuments scattered all around Hampi, some structures are still in good shape but mostly turned into ruins. While we were riding around to see the known monuments, we came across many non-descriptive small places. Below is the photo blog … Read morePhoto blog of Hampi Monuments – Places to Visit

Khajuraho Temples Images – Erotic Sculptures

khajuraho temple images

When we talk about Khajuraho, the first thing comes to mind is “Khajuraho temple images”. I have been to Khajuraho with a women travel group. We took an overnight train from Delhi to Khajuraho, which was supposed to reach in morning but it got several hours late due to fog and we reached late so … Read moreKhajuraho Temples Images – Erotic Sculptures