20 Must Experience Festivals of India

20 Must Experience Festivals of India - 2018

India is the land of diversity, where different regions have different cultures, traditions, food, and festivals. Every month there is some or the other festival in India. All festivals of India are celebrated on auspicious days according to local calendar. Usually, festivals are more of a family or friends affair but some of the Indian … Read more20 Must Experience Festivals of India

Palate Fest Delhi 2017

Palate Fest Delhi 2017

Delhi’s winter is best suitable for open-air parties and picnics. This is the time when most of the food festival takes place in Delhi. Unfortunately, there was more discussion about Delhi’s pollution due to high toxins in the air, it was indeed bad. Despite everything, the spirit of Delhi is always high even in worst … Read morePalate Fest Delhi 2017

Songkran Bangkok – My Experience

Songkran Bangkok – My Experience

I like to attend different festivals because they give me the experience of local culture and traditions. Whenever I get a chance to be part of any festival, I grab it. Here I am going to share my experience of Songkran Bangkok. Check my post about Things to do in Bangkok and my 3 days … Read moreSongkran Bangkok – My Experience

Pushkar Camel Fair – Pushkar ka Mela

Pushkar lake ghat

 I had been to Pushkar few times but I never went during “Pushkar Camel Fair”. This fair falls from Ekadasi to Purnima of the Hindu month of Kartik (Sometime around in the month of November). My plan for Pushkar Camel Fair materialized suddenly when I and one of my friends could not go to Lakshadweep … Read morePushkar Camel Fair – Pushkar ka Mela

Few Festivals of India :-)

Our festivals are so much related to the special type of foods, we make or eat from outside. In short, I am writing down whatever comes to my mind right now when I am thinking about festivals. (I keep on adding later also, whenever I remember what I am missing here) I don’t do any … Read moreFew Festivals of India 🙂

Onam Sadhya from Kerala – Food and Culture

Onam is one of that festival, which is associated with the state of Kerala. The beauty of the festival is that it is celebrated in all caste, communities, and religions of Kerala. I guess it is unique due to this and attracts me due to this & it’s association with food…. Spread of food (Onam … Read moreOnam Sadhya from Kerala – Food and Culture