Nilgiri Mountain Railway – A UNESCO World Heritage

Nilgiri mountain railway A UNESCO heritage site

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway was declared UNESCO’s world heritage site in 2005. British built it in 1908 and train runs on 1,000 mm track known as meter gauge and also known as a toy train. Nilgiri mountain railway runs from Metupalaiyam to Ooty (Udagamandalam) via Coonoor in the Nilgiri Hills. The track is 46 kilometers … Read moreNilgiri Mountain Railway – A UNESCO World Heritage

Chandni Chowk Walk with Intach Delhi

We travel to far off places to see and experience culture but most of the time we don’t go to the different or historic places in our city. I had been exploring Delhi in bits and parts, sometimes on my own and sometimes with some professional walk (With Intach Delhi Chapter). Here is my experience … Read moreChandni Chowk Walk with Intach Delhi

Bridge crossing Solution on Betwa River

I came across a bridge in Orchha which has no side railing/balustrade on sides. It consists of just a cement road. The width of the road was just enough for a bus/truck and with one-foot extra space. It was one of the fun experience and we developed our bridge crossing solution. We crossed the road … Read moreBridge crossing Solution on Betwa River

Kathakali Dancers and Performace

Kathakali is a dance form from Kerala. It is very complex dance form with elaborate makeup and costume. I saw my first Kathakali performance in Cochin. We booked tickets over the phone. The theater people advised us to visit at least 2 hours before the performance so that we can see artist apply elaborate makeup … Read moreKathakali Dancers and Performace

Places to visit in Jaipur at night

Jaipur by night Amer light and sound show

Jaipur is the city of monuments, palaces, and forts. There are unlimited places and markets in Jaipur for a traveler. Every time I visited Jaipur, I discovered something new. On most of the occasions, I went to a nice place for dinner or spent my evening relaxing. During my last visit, I decided to explore … Read morePlaces to visit in Jaipur at night