Travel to Bhutan & Ist day in Paro

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Bhutan is the country of a stunning and wide variety of ancient traditions, impressive monasteries, a deeply revered king; who is loved by people. Buddhism is a natural way of life and the whole country follows its age-old traditions. It’s also the country having introduced Gross National Happiness to the world as an alternative for the economical Gross National Product.

Bhutan is connected by road through India and Drukair is the only option if traveling by air. I planned to travel by Air and I arranged all the bookings. My friend flew from Mumbai and we boarded our flight from T-3 of Delhi. The flight was early in the morning so we slept for a couple of hours as we had to reach the airport.

From my previous travels to Nepal, I remembered that it was a good idea to take a seat on left side of aircraft because then we can see & click Mount Everest as we as Kanchanchanga peaks during our flight. We requested at the time of check-in and got good seats 🙂

The air hostesses were wearing traditional Bhutanese dresses and very polite. Our flight was on time. When our aircraft passed parallel to Mount Everest mountain area, our captain announced about it for everyone’s benefit. The weather was clear and I was able to capture it well 🙂

The Paro Bhutan airport is situated in the narrow valley of Paro city. There is very less space to maneuver the aircraft before landing. Captain announced that mountains look close but don’t worry, we will be landing safely. It was a very thrilling experience to see mountains so close during landing & later during take off. The airport is made in traditional Bhutanese style and is very beautiful.

From airport, we went to our hotel and checked in. There was no plan for any sightseeing on the first day and we planned to take it easy. I walked around the hotel and explored the area. The hotel has the big green area around it and it was a good place to relax.

Later around late afternoon, we went to Paro market, it is also made in very traditional style. Paro is a second biggest city in Bhutan but it is a small town and market area consist of one main street and on both sides, buildings are made in traditional style, there is not much in the city.

After exploring the city and having lunch/evening tea, we came back to the hotel.

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24 thoughts on “Travel to Bhutan & Ist day in Paro”

  1. When did you visit Bhutan? I visited in May 2015, and my experience was just awesome.. all my experience was recorded in my blogspot account… will publish in my wordpress account soon..

  2. Paro is beautiful. Clean and very neat. The people are so courteous too. Everybody is chilled out. Nobody is in a hurry. Had been there on my motorcycle in Oct 2014. Loved it!

  3. 2travellingsisters

    We dint know that there are direct flights to Paro from India, thank you for sharing this..Beautiful captures of Mt.Everest, we will make a note of reserving the left side seat! 😉

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