Wagah and Attari Flag Ceremony

Wagah and Attari Flag Ceremony

The flag lowering ceremony at Attari Wagah border parade is one of the musts to visit when in Amritsar. After visiting Golden temple, Jaliawala bagh and temple, we had our stomach filled with Punjabi food from Dhaba. Generally people go from Amritsar to Wagah around 4.00 PM but we decided to go by 2.30 PM as we decided to see Attari border railway station on the way. Our cab arrived and we started but as we were crossing city, we seen a Lassi shop on the way, so stopped and had a big glass of Lassi from there.

We stopped on the way in front of Khalsa college for a photo op. The architect of it is beautiful.
It took us around one hour to reach Attari railway station, on the way we saw fields with harvest and vegetables. It is a small road but not bumpy and we it was a nice drive in the middle of lush green fields & trees.
There was only one civilian from nearby village, railway station people and some policeman there because that day there was no train. Railway staff informed us that there are only 2 trains per week and crossing the border through train is a very tedious process. On the day of our visit, there was no train so the station was quite. The border is only a few minutes from the station. We moved around and also asked the policeman if we can see the immigration area, they allowed us to go there and see from the glass door. We moved around and explored whatever was permitted.
Finally, we boarded our cab and reached Wagah border.
The driver parked the car and we stood with the crowd outside the main gate. When BSF people opened the door the crowd started running or walking.
Actually mostly were running, so that they can grab the best seats to view the ceremony. Finally, we reached there and found seats for ourselves.
The Wagah border’s “lowering of flag” ceremony is very popular and colorful affair. It is held by BSF and Pakistani rangers just before sunset. Before the start of the ceremony by the soldiers from both the sides, BSF play patriotic songs on loud speakers on full volume and give visitor/children chance to participate in it i.e. running with flags or dancing on the road.

Finally both sides open the gates, lower the flags in coordination and close the gates after formal handshake. There is so much drama involved.

After the ceremony is over, we moved back. Came to the gate and started looking for our cab, which we found with some difficulty because sometime the mobile signals are not very good.

This is an experience, not to be missed.

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