Jaipur by Night

Jaipur by Night

Jaipur is the city of palaces and forts. I had visited Jaipur many times and discovered something new every time. I am not going to write about what all I had seen during the day. I am going to share my experience to see the monuments after sunset. I have come to know that there are some places, which tourism dept. light up at night and I decided to see these in Jaipur by night.
Jaipur looks totally different at night and it adds a different dimension to the city.

The first thing I went for the light and sound show at Amer Fort in evening at Kesar Kyari.

It is a beautiful 50 minutes program, it gives you the brief history of Fort and city. The shows run in English at 7.30 PM and in Hindi at 8.30 PM (Hindi Voiced by Amitabh Bachchan).

Next evening I decided to explore all the other important monuments. We started with Raj Mandir Cinema Hall and visited other places like Statue Circle, Amar Jawan Jyoti, Vidhan Sabha Bhawan, Laxminarayan Temple (Birla Mandir), Albert Hall, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Amber Fort (Well…. it was better lighted during the light and sound show).

Most of these places can be seen only from outside (drive through) because they close the entry to the monuments after sunset but Birla Mandir remains open till late night.

Our last stop for the day was Nahargarh Fort for dinner. We have seen a beautiful view of Jaipur city but it is restricted by metal mesh net on the windows but still, it looked beautiful. We were two females so didn’t go beyond a point in darkness but if someone is interested in taking pictures of the city, it is better to go to the open restaurant. It is some 400 meters from the main compound and very dark at night because of the thick bushes or small trees on both sides of the path. They don’t serve dinner there, so it is secluded. I wanted to go to take some pictures but my friend was not interested, so we decided not to go alone in the dark because I prefer not to take unnecessary risk.

How to see Jaipur by night –

1.) Hire a cab and visit all places. The advantage is you can stop and spend time as you like.I am not giving much of the details as we booked a cab to visit these places as it is most convenient and safe mode of transport at night.

2.) Book a tour with the Official site of Rajasthan Tourism.

P.S. Another place which is interesting for city people and foreign travelers is “Chokhi Dhani”, to get village experience though it is commercialized. Best time to visit it is around sunset and dinner but you need one more evening to enjoy this properly.

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  1. These are lovely pictures Sapna! I’m impressed that you made a post which is different from the usual.
    Did you click pictures with tripod? Some pictures are fantastic!

  2. Great post with details.. Been to jaipur so many time.. but never got the chance to click in Night time.. Next time i will make sure to get some night shots. You have dSLR , but some pixs seem to be taken from cell phone. Is it?

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