Kanyakumari Sunrise and Sunset

Kanyakumari Sunrise and Sunset

In most of the cities you can either see sunrise or sunset in the sea but in Kanyakumari, you can see both. Kanyakumari sunrise is most beautiful with Vivekanand rock and Tiruvalluvar statue.

Kanyakumari is the southern most land’s end of India and here 3 seas meet i.e. the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. Sunrise and sunset are most popular activity here but from my experience, I can say Sunrise is better than Sunset (Because with sunrise we can capture the two main monuments of Kanyakumari and these add depth to it).

We reached Kanyakumari from Kerala at 8 AM. I had booked the hotel on main lighthouse road next to seashore and from the room, we can watch sea all day. The first day we spent exploring different monuments and places in town. I didn’t want to miss the Kanyakumari sunset & sunrise. I planned to watch sunset same day and sunrise next morning.

I inquired about sunset view point and came to know that sunsets there is a special place to watch the sunset. To reach on time, I walked towards sunset point 45 minutes before the sunset. There were lots of stalls selling different food items near the sunset point. It was crowded by evening but unfortunately, the beach is not well maintained. That day all of sudden lots of clouds appeared before sunset and spoiled the view. The crowd disappeared very fast and place become becomes dead quickly. There was nothing much around to enjoy.
I came back to the hotel a bit disappointed.

Next morning I woke up early and decided to reach the sunrise point by 5.30 AM, it was very close to our hotel. Only 10 minutes walking distance, I reached by 5.20 AM and there was already a big crowd. Some people were standing at the place tourism deptt had marked as sunrise point and some more adventurous ones descended to sea shore by climbing the boulders. By the time sun started rising place was swelling with people. The moment sun started rising people started clapping and shouting.
Sun rises closer to Vivekanand rock & Thiruvalluvar statue, this makes sunrise unique. The location of the sun moves right to left & vice verse of rock/statue depending upon the time of year due to earth’s position. It was beautiful view though there were lots of clouds.

We had to catch train same evening for Rameshwaram, so we could not go for sunset again but I was very fortunate to see the sunset at the railway station. It was beautiful in its own way as you can see in below picture.

With this our short trip of Kanyakumari came to an end 🙂

P.S. I could not go to Vivekanand Ashram for sunrise but my parents saw sunrise from there also and they told me that it is beautiful there also.
Kanyakumari Sunrise and Sunset

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