How to cancel Air India ticket ;-)

How to cancel Air India ticket ;-)

Me and one of my friend had planned to visit Lakshadweep in November 2014. I booked air tickets from Delhi to Cochin and Cochin to Agatti Island. Only Air India fly to Agatti Island, so I had booked tickets for it. We tried to procure the permit but due to some protest by locals and restrictions, we were getting a permit only for two islands (Those were not the one’s we wanted to visit), so we decided to cancel the trip. How to cancel flight ticket of Air India.

Since I had booked the tickets, so I had to cancel. Here is my experience with Air India’s customer care. (I wrote it at that time and shared on a social media site. Just thought of sharing on my blog)

How to cancel flight ticket of Air India 😉
You can book a ticket online but you can not cancel online…. Hurry…..

Online Bookings Helpdesk (Monday to Saturday, 0930 hrs. – 1730 hrs. IST)

Customer : Dials 011-24624074/75 during working hours 😉

Recorded msg : This number can not be reached (Same reply 6-7 times)
Customer : Dials 1800 180 1407 Rings and AI’s recorded msg about Star alliance gp plays for 1 minute and then automated menu starts
Hurry……. 1 for Hindi, 2 for English, 3 for Punjabi
Customer : Selects 2…… same menu repeats, again select 2…. menu repeats….
Customer : Tries 4 times but stuck at same point in menu 🙁
Customer (C) : Tries again and this time selects 1…….. Hurry….. it moves forward….
After 6 minutes hold….. a customer care executive (CCE) come on line……. Thank God!!!!!!!
CCE : Welcomes in English (Hey…. but I selected Hindi 😉 )
C : My PNR no. is XXXX and I wanted to cancel my ticket.
CCE : Please provide mobile no. and passenger name
C : Provides same
CCE : Thank you. Can you please hold
C : Hold for approx 3 -4 minutes
CCE : Sorry for long hold
C : Its ok, can you cancel the ticket
CCE : Yes. You want to cancel entire ticket (2 passengers in 1 ticket)
C : Yes, please cancel complete ticket
CCE : Ok. Can you please hold
C : Yes (As in there is another option)
CCE : After 2 minutes. Thank you for hold. So you wanted to cancel the ticket
C : Yes
CCE : There will be charge for same
C : Yes, I know. Can you confirm how much?
CCE : Please hold
C : Ok (Oh god…… Not again)
CCE : You have to pay 0000 amount per passenger
C : Ok. I want to cancel the ticket.
CCE : Ok. So you want to cancel the ticket
C : Yes, please.
CCE : Please hold
C : Hmmmm…..
CCE : Yes. So you want to cancel
C : Yes. Please confirm the amount will be credited back into my card, which I used for booking ticket.
CCE : Please hold, let me check.
C : Again hold (Wow….. he doesn’t know this. Great)
CCE : No, the amount will not refund into your card. For that, you have to write a mail to our eCommerce dept.
C : But why so. I am asking refund in the same card
CCE : Please hold, let me check.
C : Great (Grrrrrrr)
CCE : Thanks for hold. No, you have to contact eCommerce dept. Sorry, I can’t help you.
C : Ohhhh
CCE : You still want to cancel the ticket
C : Yes (If I am not traveling then I have to cancel ticket Mr. xxxx). Will you send me a mail confirming the cancellation?
CCE : No, that’s not possible.
C : Ohhh…. Why so
CCE : I can’t
C : Do, I get system generated mail
CCE : Please hold
C : *-*
CCE : NO….. You still want to cancel ticket
C : Yes. Please. ( Means I have deal with another AI great 😉 )
CCE : Please hold
C : *-*
CCE : Thanks for hold. Please confirm you want to cancel ticket
CCE : Ok. I am canceling
C : Yes, please
CCE : Ok. I have canceled.
C : Hurry…..
CCE : That’s all
C : Yes. Thank you.
P.S. Hopefully. One mail will be enough to get a refund. (Fingers crossed)

It is my funny take on how to cancel flight ticket of Air India.

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