Varanasi – My Solo Trip On Dev Deepawali

Varanasi – My Solo Trip On Dev Deepawali

Varanasi was in top 5 of my places to visit list from last 4-5 years but unfortunately, I was not able to go there. I had traveled to many far of places alone but I had the perception that it is not safe for single woman traveler bcoz it is Uttar Pradesh, which is generally not considered a women-friendly state. So, I wanted to travel with someone or some group. I tried to work out my plans with some of my friends or family members but nothing worked due to some or the other reason, then I tried to go with a travel group but unfortunately, their dates were not suitable to me. After planning and trying to go for so long and then nothing materializing I though there is some jinx between me and Varanasi.

I always had a feeling that Varanasi is calling me and then one fine day, I decided to go alone despite all perceptions and hitches in mind. I had chosen to visit Varanasi on its very busy and special days, during “Dev Deepawali”.

I had booked overnight train ticket (Becoz I was still the double minded about traveling alone to Varanasi/Uttar Pradesh) and air ticket cancellation means a total loss of money. In the meantime, I booked a hostel instead of a hotel for the first time. Finally, the travel day came and I overcame my hitch and boarded the train. Whenever I travel alone, I don’t travel by train for long journeys i.e. overnight but this time I decided to travel.

So after making my first solo holiday more than a decade back, I broke few of the self-made rules for this trip .i.e. Travel to UP alone, traveling by overnight train and staying in a hostel. But after the end of my trip, I realized that someone up there wanted me to experience the city of Varanasi at my pace and as per my choice that’s why I was not able to tie with anyone.  This trip turned out one of the best trips, I had made till date and one of the wisest decision to travel the way I traveled.

Now coming back to Varanasi, there is so much to see and experience. One can spend days sitting and roaming on the ghats. The feel is different in morning, during the day and after sunset. The alleys are small and not very clean but it’s an experience to walk through these to reach ghats or different food joints. Ghats are always bustling with people and activities, it was more so during my visit bcoz it was the most important time of the year in the calendar of Varanasi.

I explored the food in the city and went to some of the popular places. Tried the banarasi chat in kullhad, kulfis, special fruit lassi from famous blue lassi, sweets, kachoris etc.
Apart from that I did a bazaar tour and visited Pan market, steel markets, masala market and flower market. We also have these markets in Delhi but Varanasi has its own charm.
 There are so many temples in the city, after all, its one of the holiest and old city in the world.
Devi temple copy
I did sunrise and sunset boat trips, watched elaborate Ganga aarti’s from boats, seen all ghats (Almost all) on foot or on the boat.
Sunrise_5 copy

But the evening boat trip on the day of “Dev Deepawali” was most spectacular, all hats were decorated with millions of clay diyas which were places by volunteers throughout the day. The experience and visuals are an unforgettable experience, it was a highlight of my trip.

I went to Ramnagar fort across the river on a small 2 person rowing boat, which was a thrilling experience.

People were nice and friendly. The food was great to be it traditional banarasi chaat or clay oven pizza or some south Indian dosa, everything was fresh and yummy.

Finally, after my trip, I realized once again that everything happens for a reason and there is a fixed time for everything. There is a special feel in Varanasi though there are not any big monuments, the city is not really clean, roads are not so great but…… still it pulls you and I can go there again and again.


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    1. Blue Lassi is the name of most popular lassi shop in Varanasi. They serve many kind of fruit lassi’s, very innovative. It’s in the a narrow alley leading toward Manikarna Ghat.

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