Ramadan Food Exploration in Dilli 6

Ramadan Food Exploration in Dilli 6

Ramadan is approaching and I am remembering the food exploration trips of Dilli 6, I had done in past during this time of the year. Once I went on my own and once with a professional walk leader. Its a fun walking around in crowded streets full of festivities. You have to negotiate your way sometimes. It’s a very different kind of experience for most of us i.e. the people living cities. And mind it, this place is not for people, who eat only healthy food in fine dining. If one is ready for gastronomical experience and don’t mind indulging once in while without thinking about calories and most importantly enjoy good food in all conditions be it street food, fast food or any other kind of food. Then this is the place to be for the yummy food experience.

If you indulge and crave for nonvegetarian food and open to exploring then it’s a must visit the place.
It is very convenient to reach Dilli 6 (Chandni Chowk, Jama Masjid and Chawari bazar) area through Delhi metro. Then take a rickshaw and then walk around a little bit.

During Ramadan best time to visit is after sunset because most restaurants (Or almost all) remain closed during the day and open from sunset to sunrise. So, it is better to reach there accordingly.
In one day you can’t samples all the food available in the area, so chose wisely. I can list few items, we had during my two visits .i.e. Fish fried, Bade ke kabab, Butter chicken (It’s not usual butter chicken. It is chicken roasted in butter and served dry with chutney), Biryani of chicken and mutton, Nihari (Available in evening only during Ramzan), Seekh Kabab, Chicken/mutton stew and you can enjoy these with rumali roti, sheermaal or khamiri roti of your choice. For desserts, there are many options like Rabri, Jalebi, Sohan halwa, Firni, Shahi tukda, lassi and a milk drink served with watermelon pieces (It is very refreshing). If you have still some space left in your stomach then you can have Kurremal’s fruit kulfi’s or keep this for your next visit.

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