Starting my blog….. It was not easy :-)

Starting my blog….. It was not easy :-)

I never wrote a blog or kept a formal record of my travel. All information related to my travels was stored in my diary, rough notes, in word files or in different emails in my travel folder. Though after traveling for few years I started posting pictures of my sojourns on Flickr and later on started writing reviews on Trip Adviser to share my experiences thinking this might others.
Recently I realized that I am planning & executing my/our trips so why not I contribute and start sharing on a public platform. Maybe it will help someone as it helped me in planning my trips.
My school and college were in close proximity to my home so, no exposure to unfamiliar territories but when I started my professional course at age of 19 yrs sudden I have to travel 59 Km one way by local train and then by bus. This taught me, how to make good use of time and make friends while traveling. I learned how to travel alone bcoz many times one has to detour due to different reasons.

My first “solo” travel was my first international business trip to Paris. I didn’t get a direct flight for Paris, it was Delhi – Zurich – Paris. And as my flight got delayed so, I was running at Zurich airport with one bag and one handbag from one terminal to another and managed my connecting flight on time. This experience had given confidence and feel of traveling on my own and I understood that I could travel alone.
That was my first “solo” trip but then it was an official trip. I just executed the itinerary which was planned and booked for me.

After this, I planned and had many trips with my friends. Initial trips I planned and booked with the help of my friend but after that, it was me who was planning and bookings for our trips and my friends were comfortable with my planning and booking. Few times we traveled in group of 4-5 and many times 2 of us. I still remember my couple of trips to Rajasthan and Himachal around 2003-04, when people were a bit surprised to sees two girls traveling on their own (They will say “Aap dono akele”,….Lol…. how can two is considered akale 😉 ). I enjoyed one of my trip to Jaisalmer/ Jodhpur, we were given special treatment and we were given special treatment to make us feel comfortable.
My first solo trip was in 2006, it happened not bcoz I chose to holiday alone but bcoz the friend of mine with whom I had planned to travel changed her mind when I was supposed to make a booking. So, I had two options – Travel solo or don’t travel. I chose to travel alone 🙂
I realized it’s good to be on your own because you are a master. You don’t have to depend on other persons to decide at what time you want to start or what and when you want to visit a place or what you want to see or where you want to eat and the list goes on and on.

Some of my friends ask how I feel when I travel “alone” and I tell them….. it fun as well as liberating. Nowadays it very common for girls or women traveling solo, it had changed a lot in last few years but back then it was not very common. Infect at a time other than my family, no one knew that I went alone for some holidays.

When I am traveling alone, I take some safeguards being a solo woman traveler. Most important thing I do is that I leave a copy of my travel itinerary & hotel details with family and incase of any change in schedule, I inform them. It’s better to be safe, though it may sound orthodox but this is my way as of now.

Traveling solo gives freedom to decide what and when you want to do what at the same time there are some drawbacks of traveling alone. Will share my thoughts .i.e. pros and cons about traveling solo in another post.My Simple Sojourn


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