Quick trip to Ambarsar aka Amritsar

Quick trip to Ambarsar aka Amritsar

I have an eternal connection with this city. During my early childhood, we use to go to Amritsar for 4 weeks in summer vacations to our maternal grandmother’s house but it stopped after her. But there are so many happy memories associated with Ambarsar 🙂

In recent years, I went twice. Once I took my Maa and second time with a friend. Initially it was difficult to recognise different roads and lanes but finally, everything falls in place.


We checked in hotel and after freshening up, the first place we decided to visit is Golden temple or Darbar sahib or Harmandir sahib (Which locals use it), it is still glittering and beautiful golden but the queue for darshan are much longer all the time from early morning to late evenings. So, we stood in queue and after 1.5 hours we were able to pay our respect in main sanctum. I decided to go up the corridors and visit the upper floors. While we were coming out, they gave us “Kada prasad” (Well its gone some what diet in terms of ghee they use in it because now there was no extra ghee it). We came out and had some water, which they serve at “Pani di chabeel” in Golden temple corridors and for a change I had no hesitation drinking from it (I am a bit conservative when it comes to drinking water outside). We stopped at dukh bhanjani beri and paid our respect at famous akal takht. Our next stop was langar at langar hall , they runs it 24×7 and on an average feed 10,000 people from its community kitchen. They serve basic food but its taste good and filling. One thing, which I loved about this place is cleanliness of place and it is still same. They keep on cleaning it all the time, you can sit anywhere without worrying about soiling your cloths.

g 1 g 2 g 3 Golden temple

After spending some time at Golden temple, we decided to explore the city. Our next stop was Jallianwala Bagh, which is 2 minutes walking distance from Golden temple. Its famous for the infamous act of Britishers before Independence. They have kept well and few bullets inserted in walls as a reminder of what happened on 13th April 1919. Other than these few new structures also come up over the years.

j 1 j 2

Durgiana Temple is around 400 years old temple of Goddess Laxmi/Durga. Its made similar to the Golden temple. The main temple is situated in the middle of a small lake of which 160 meters x 130 meters. Its also situated in the middle of busy city.

We were again hungry and decided to visit Brother’s Dhaba, they serve vegetarian Punjabi food. Nothing spectacular about it but nice filling food.

The Wagah border’s “lowering of flag” ceremony is very popular and colorful affair. We took a taxi from outside our hotel and drove toward India/Pakistan border.

By the time we started back from the border, it was started getting dark. It was already night when we reached Amritsar city. So, we decided to eat again (I mean Dinner!!!!!! Well when I am in Amritsar food is always in my mind). We stopped at Makkan and enjoyed fish tikka. After that, we moved to Kesar da Dhaba for proper dinner. They serve amazing non-veg food. Don’t look at ghee or butter or count calories because then you will not enjoy your food and as usual, I was over stuffed. Finally, it was time to say good night.

Next morning I decided to junk the breakfast at the hotel and moved out in search oh kulcha. If you are in Amritsar and not had kulcha then you missed something very good. My search ended at Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wale, again I over stuffed myself with aloo pyaz kulcha (My favorite) and finished with sweet lassi. After hearty breakfast, it was time to do some shopping for loved ones and Amritsar’s “Kapda market” is the best place to buy typical Punjabi styles cloths at a reasonable price. As per my Maa’s recommendation, we moved to the inner part of market to get good bargain (Infect you have to bargain also, which I am very bad 🙁 )

Amritsar is a foodie’s paradise if you are not counting calories and enjoy typical Punjabi food. It’s also a good place to do some shopping of Indian attire and shoes (Jutti’s)


4 thoughts on “Quick trip to Ambarsar aka Amritsar

    1. Chandigarh in different direction and if ur coming from south, better take a train from Delhi to Amritsar.
      Yes, u can cover in one day all major places but keep in mind that Wagah border ceremony is till sunset and depending upon season, u will reach Amritsar from wagah from 8 to 9 PM. So little difficult.
      Secondly, u can see the morning ceremony in Golden temple. It’s around 4.30 AM.
      But then it depends, how you will be traveling (By train or car).
      From Chandigarh to Amritsar by road takes 5 hours approx.

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